Piers Morgan Admits He’s Been Ill All Weekend With Heat Exhaustion

It seems like someone has been having too much fun in the sun.

Piers Morgan has admitted that he has been ill all weekend leading him to be forced to stay in bed.

Piers admitted that the heat from the lovely weather the UK had towards the end of last week caused him to feel under the weather as viewers where left concerned that his face was looking ‘bloated’.

During Monday’s Good Morning Britain, the lead anchor, 55, told viewers he couldn’t ‘walk, breathe or speak’ as he suffered from heat exhaustion after playing golf in the sun on Friday.

Morgan then admitted that he hasn’t ‘completely recovered’ yet.

Piers said on Monday:

‘I woke up on Saturday morning and suddenly went wooo, wooo.

‘I hadn’t had a single thing to drink – I had heat exhaustion. I spent two days in bed. I basically couldn’t walk, couldn’t breathe. I could barely talk.’

‘Heat exhaustion is actually quite unpleasant, I’ve discovered. I was very tired. I just slept it off.’

Then admitting that he is still not feeling hs best he continued to say:

 ‘I probably haven’t completely recovered but you dig deep and you battle on.’

‘It was a utopia for my critics really!’

It seems all them swings he did on Froday really has played with Piers and the sun has really thrown him out.

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