Vicky Pattison Teases Fans As They Thought She Was At Her Own Baby Shower When It Was Her Friends

Vicky Pattison sent her Instagram followers into overdrive the weakened.

It was on Sunday when Vicky and her boyfriend Ercan Ramadan went to a surprise baby shower and fans where thinking and hoping that it was her baby shower when actually it was one of her friends.

Vicky and Ercan where celebrating her friends Kristina and Chris, who are soon set to welcome a baby boy.

Thought out the day she shared many photos to her Instagram account as she shared with the snaps:

Baby Bell… Yesterday was super special and I’m so unbelievably happy for you both @pringles87 and @ChrisBell18 … Baby bell is so LOVED already.

‘I cannot believe we managed to pull off a surprise baby shower in only a week for a mammy to be who should work for Scotland Yard and the typical temperamental north east weather… But WE DID IT!!!!

She then finished up by saying:

‘And it was beautiful- I cannot thank the amazing guys at @eliteeventshire for the stunning decor – just unbelievable!!!

‘Also big thanks to @cakesclassesandcutters who made the most adorable (and delicious) cake for our impending arrival!!! And my lovely guys at @thepuddingparlour for all our sweet treats obvs!

‘I am dying today but it was completely worth it… I love you @ercan_ram, all my family and all my girls… (ps I’m sorry if anyone thought this was our baby announcement… it isn’t… I’m currently practising with auntie duties though for when the time comes)’.

So sweet.

We can’t wait to hear the pitter patter of baby steps from these two hopefuly soon.

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