Josie Gibson Flashes Her Underwear Live On This Morning After RIPPING Her Ghostbusters Jumpsuit

What a muddle poor Josie Gibson got herself into.

The presenter was live on This Morning on Thursday afternoon when she was going ghost hunting but sadly things took a turn for the worse.

Josie was dressed in a ghostbusters jumpsuit when she accidently ripped the bottom and she flashed her knickers to the viewing public.

The former Big Brother star was talking to show host Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby when her costume just popped open.

It was later on during the interview when Phillip and Holly finally told her that you could see her underwear as Holly seemed baffled by the outfit malfunction, as she first asked Phil if the rip was there before caving and asking Josie.

Holly then noticed the split and asked Phillip if the outfit had torn leading to them to ask Josie:

‘Now, I’m just going to ask you this, just from an outfit point of view. You’ve got a split there – was that from some overzealous ghostbusting?’


Bless her.

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