Celebrity Gogglebox Viewers Left Shocked After Rylan Clark-Neal’s Mum Linda Calls Him By His REAL NAME

Celebrity Gogglebox viewers have been left shocked after Rylan Clark-Neal’s mum Linda call’s him by his REAL name.

The pair where sitting on the sofa when Linda revealed Rylan’s actual name is Ross, as they debated whether to indulge in an iced bun before sitting down to watch television.

Ross changed his name to Rylan when he began modelling as a teenager, but his family still call him by his birth name.

At the start of Friday night’s episode Rylan said to his mum:

‘I bet you’ll have one,’

To what she replied back and said:

‘No I won’t. Ross will you stop it, I don’t want one.’

Twitter then erupted with comments as people where shocked that he had a different name as some viewers shared:

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