Katie Price Admits She Hose She Outlives 18-Year-Old Son Harvey As he ‘Won’t Cope Without Her’ And Says She Would Have Taken Her Own Life If It Wasn’t For Her Children

Katie Price has admitted that she wants to outlive her 18-year-old son Harvey as he ‘wont be able to live without her’.

Harvey who sufferers with serious medical problems including prada willis syndrome and diabetes relies on Katie for everything and gets seriously upset if she’s not around.

The mum of five has been speaking to The Sun just less than one week after Harvey was rushed to hospital with pains in his chest but was discharged later that day after doctors said he had a chest infection.

Katie then admitted that Harvey – who weighs 27 stone – could suffer a heart attack if he doesn’t lose weight, and she still fears the prospect of her son taking care of himself in the future.

Katie said:

 ‘I know it’s horrible to say, but I wish he’d go before me because he wouldn’t cope without me.

‘He’d be so heartbroken and wouldn’t understand where I’d gone.’

Katie then went on to admit that she would have taken her own life if it wasn’t for her children as she continued to say:

‘I could have gone off and hanged myself, which I wanted to do, but I didn’t because I have kids. I know it’s a harsh comment but it’s the truth.’

Lets hope that his health improves as Katie has said this week that she is putting Harvey on a diet so fingers crossed.

She really has been thought so much and we are so glad that she didn’t go thought with nothing stupid.

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