Nicole Williams Gossip Gets Her Hair Done For The First Time Since Lockdown And Poses For Social Media

So since the start of lockdown I’ve wanted to get my hair done (should have had it done before lockdown) well today my wishes came true.

I took a trip to the salon today to have my hair trimmed, when i say trimmed I mean just have the dead ends taken off as I really would like to have my hair longer like down to my bum.

I also had a treatment put on my hair what makes it feel like brand new and it has a lovely shine on it for weeks afterwards what it worth all the money in the world to me.

Was only in the salon for around an hour as it was kick as wasn’t having any bleach or anything like that done it it.

It felt weird not being to be able to have a drink and something to eat because of the coronavirus pandemic but we know it’s for our own safety.

Dani has done my hair for years and years now and always does a fantastic job and I just felt so lucky that i got into the salon so quickly after the restrictions where lifted on Saturday.

Have a look at the photo’s i shared on social media above.

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