Phillip Schofield Admits His Mum Pat ‘Still Feels Lonely’ In Emotional This Morning Phone-In

Phillip Schofield has admitted that his mum is ‘lonely’ during a phone-in on This Morning.

It was on Wednesday morning when Phillip and his co-presenter Holly Willoughby where hosting a phone-in live on the show when a caller telephoned in and admitted that she is lonely since her husband passed away and she had to be forced to isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 58-year-old presenter insisted that it ‘will get better’ as restrictions begin to ease.

It was in 2008 when Phillip lost his father and his mum has been by herself ever since but he said that she ‘surrounds herself with family’ to help cope with the tragic loss.

Phillip said:

‘We lost my dad in 2008, and my mum will be watching this, this will make her cry.

‘She feels exactly the same, it never goes away, she still feels lonely but she surrounds herself with family, when she can, why these are such bizarre times.’

He then continued to say:

‘After lockdown, it will get better. You’re always going to miss him, you’re always going to have that hole in your heart.

‘All I can say on behalf of my mum is it will get better. Sometimes we’ve got to step outside.’

So sad.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to know that the caller and Phillip’s mum are lonely but hopefully with the lockdown restrictions being lifted they will be able to spend more time with the family members.

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