Jack Fincham Shares Unedited Version Of Instagram Selfie After Fans Compared His Nose VOLDEMORT Due To Editing

He was mocked online after he shared a edited snap on Instagram recently.

But now Jack Fincham has shared the same photo but unedited this time after his followers compared the editing to VOLDEMORT after he tried to make his nose smaller.

The Love Island star took to his Instagram account on Sunday to share the same photo as she joked about editing the photo.

The 29-year-old described his fans as ‘savage’ in a caption, after they were quick to notice that his face was so heavily edited that his nostrils all but disappeared in the edited snap.

Along with sharing the photo, Jack shared:
‘Attempt number 3 no filter. You lot are savage. Hot tub life’
This photo is defiantly better than the edited one.
You don’t need to edit your photo’s Jack!

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