Ruth Langsford Admits Husband Eamonn Holmes Makes Her Feel ‘Sexy At 60’

They are the This Morning legends who have been together for donkeys years now but it seems like Eamonn Holmes is making his wife Ruth Langsford a very happy lady.

Ruth has been talking recently about married life with Mr Holmes and admitted that he makes her feel ‘sexy at 60’.

When talking about her ‘wobbly bits’ Ruth admitted that Eamonn makes her feel secure about her insecure parts.

Langsford said to Closer magazine:

‘I definitely feel sexy at 60, but a big part of this is thanks to my husband.

‘I don’t have Botox or fillers so I see pictures of myself and go, “Is that me? Whose neck is that?” Most of the time it doesn’t bother me and a lot of my friends, who aren’t in TV, well we all look like this.

She then continued to say:

‘Eamonn makes me feel sexy. He tells me “You look fantastic, I think you’re really sexy, I fancy you” and that’s great. He definitely boosts my confidence.’

Ruth and Eamonn have been together since 1997 and married in 2010 so they have been together for many years and it’s lovely to see them so in love with one and other.

They really are couple goals!

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