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Chanélle McCleary Has Been Voted Out Of Big Brother

Tonight is a sad night for us because Chanélle McCleary has been voted out of the Big Brother house.

Chanelle who’s been the entertainment of the series we 9th to be evicted after Sam who has been a dead man walking all week and also another housemate will be leaving the house.

We have to say we wanted Chanelle to win the show but some things aren’t meant to be.

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Big Brother’s Chanelle McCleary Has Sex With Boyfriend In BB House

It seems Big Brother is trying to do a Love Island as they allowed Chanelle McCleary boyfriend to stay over for the night of yes they did get down to the funny business.

Chanelle whos currently on a secret talk was allowed to spend a. Isn’t with her boyfriend despite the show’s rules stating that the housemates are not all wowed to have any contac with the outside world.

Big Brother told an excited Chanelle:

“Your boyfriend

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Big Brother’s Ellie Young Spotted With LARGE Love Bite On Her Bottom

Big Brother's Ellie Young Spotted With LARGE Love Bite On Her Bottom

She has been getting steamy under the covers in the Big Brother house since Sam entered the house but now Ellie Young has been spotted with a large love bite on her bottom.

The geordie has been wandering around the house with her bottom out showing off the rather large bite mark on her ass cheek and fan shave been shocked to see the photo float around social media.

Next thing they will be having sex on the show you watch.

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Big Brother’s Raph Has Been On The Show Before!

Big Brother's Raph Has Been On The Show Before!

He’s confessed that he is the biggest Big Brother fan going after admitting that he was watched every series and even the over seas shows too but Raph has a secret Big Brother past.

The BB nerd has appeared a number of times on Big Brother after show Bit On The Side as the photo above taken in 2013 shows Raphael Korine sitting right at the front of the show presented by Emma Willis.

Other nerds of the show have been sharing screenshots

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Big Brothers Lotan Carter And Rebbeca Jane Are Dating

Well we didn’t see this comping off.

Pictures have been published online of Big Brother Stars Lotan Carter and Rebecca Jane kissing in a club and sources have been reporting saying that they are a couple.

But it’s not just sources what have been reporting this as Lotan has shared a photo of himself in bed with Rebecca as they shared a hotel room together.

We we didn’t see this at all now did we?

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Big Brother Producers Are Thinking About Moving House Abroad To Boost Ratings After Success Of Love Island

This years Big Brother ratings have been the lowest they have ever been as some nights it has only been watched by 600,000 people.

Now the producers of the show are currently thinking about moving the house abroad to try and boost the ratings after the success of Love Island what is being watched by millions every night.

The media company’s Chief Creative Officer has said to the Daily Star:

‘If Big Brother is not on top form you have

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