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Frankie Bridge Left ‘Scared To Death’ After Son Parker Is Struck Down By Illness

So scary for any mum.

Frankie Bridge has been left scarred after her son Parker was rushed to hospital after he was struck down with an illness.

Frankie was set to attend the ITV Gala on Thursday night but had to pull out due to her son as she broke the news on her Instagram account.

She said:

“The face of a proud emotionally drained Mum who’s child has been really poorly and scared her half to death and a child who is the prime example of how well and quickly they bounce back… this little man is so full of love and this surprise hug felt more amazing than he will ever know… not sure who was looking after who…?

“No itv gala for this mumma tonight… all home now so cuddles and Christmas movies are the order of the day… #family #love #son #mum #nhs Croup is not our friend….”

Glad that he is doing ok.

Katie Price Slammed Online After Allowing Young Son Jett In Garden With No Shoes On

Can she do anything right?

Katie Price has been slammed online after she filmed her son Jett cleaning his sister Bunny’s bike outside in the yard with nothing on his feet.

Holding the hose pip in hi hand Jett looked like he was having lots of fun clearing the pink bike while Katie was outside feeding her nine horses.

Fans have hit out at Katie over the fact that he was outside with no shoes or coat on during a cold November night.

Katie has admitted before that she allows her kids to ‘run free’ in the garden.

Holly Willoughby Shares Cute Photo Of Her Holding Unwell Son Hand

Holly Willoughby has taken to her Instagram account to share a cute photo of herself holding her Son, Chester, hand as she revealed that he is unwell.

Holly said that she had hardly sleep as Chester kept her up all night being poorly as she shared the photo above along with the caption of:

 “Downside of a little one with a cough and cold is the lack of sleep…the upside is waking up to this”.

Her Instagram followers who are also mums knew exactly what Holly was going though.

Katie Price Claims Shes Found SHOCKING Messages On 12-Year-Old Son Junior’s Phone

Katie Price Claims Shes Found SHOCKING Messages On 12-Year-Old Son Junior's Phone

Katie Price has claimed that she has found shocking messages from girls on son Junior’s phone!

Katie was on Loose Women on Thursday when the girls were talking about checking their children’s Junior and Princess phone and that’s when Katie confessed to what she has found on his phone.

Price said:

“When they’re in bed, I go through their phones, go through messages.

“There are girls on Junior’s phone I’ve blocked. They’re 12 year olds and I can’t believe what they send.

She continued:

“I go through his notes too.

“I can’t believe there are girls like that who send stuff like that.”

Then Katie continued to say that she has warned her children to not “send certain stuff” to people and said that she has the passwords to both of their phones.

She then said:

“I go through their history and everything they’ve done.

“I’ve told them, ‘If I do find something and you break that trust, I’ll take your phone away.'”


Jamie O’Hara Is Still Trying To See His Kids Since He Was Voted Out Of The Celebrity Big Brother House The Weekend

This is not good for him.

It seems Jamie O’Hara is having trouble with his ex-wife Danielle Lloyd as he was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house over the weekend and still hasn’t seen his children.

Since Jamie went into the BB house his ex has had a problem with his talking about her in the house and even appeared on This Morning to talk about how she felt.

Sources have said to the Mirror that Jamie is still waiting to hear back from Danielle on when he will see his boys Archie, six, Harry, five, and George, two.

A source has said:

“He’s really looking forward to seeing his boys as soon as his filming commitments are finished. He left the house, was taken into hiding, was released very late last night by production and had a quiet dinner with his dad.

It continued to say:

“First thing he did when he woke up this morning was reach out to make arrangements to see his sons. He’s still waiting to hear back but is looking forward to spending some quality time with them out of the public eye as he has always done.”

Lets hope that he can make contact with her soon and get to see his beloved boys.

Katie Prtice Talks About The Heartbreaking Moment She Thought Her Son Harvey Would Die Due To Horrific Burns!

Katie Prtice Talks About The Heartbreaking Moment She Thought Her Son Harvey Would Die Due To Horrific Burns!

When you first become a mother you want to do everything you can to protect your children from harm but it seems that Katie Price had a guilt feeling after her son Harvey nearly died due to horrific burns.

Talking on Loose Women on Friday Katie talked about the time when she thought her son Harvey would die, after discovering horrific burns he’d given himself while unsupervised with a baking hot bath.

Katie was out and came home to when she was living with former husband Peter Andre after she had been spending time with her horses when she walked in to find Harvey crying. When she walked up stairs she saw him in massive amounts of pain and then the penny dropped what had happened.

Katie admitted that she ripped his trousers off straight away but that was the worst thing to do because his skin peeled off with the trousers.

Price said:

“He – being obsessed with water – had come into the bathroom, turned on the hot tap, didn’t realise as he couldn’t see and he burnt the whole of his leg,” she told the Loose Women panel.

“If you ever see his leg it’s properly scarred, to the point where his toes were like snot.”

It must have so the most awful thing for them both.

Lets hope that nothing like this happens again.

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