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Scotty T Has Stephen Bear’s Face Tattooed On His Bottom On Just Tattoo Of Us


Scotty T has had a MASSIVE shock on Just Tattoo Of Us after he had a photo of previous host Stephen Bear tattooed on his bottom.

Scotty has taken over the role s host of the show alongside Charlotte Crosby as he took over from Bear who was sacked from the MTV show after his relationship ended.

Viewers just could not believe their eyes when they saw the new tattoo and we have to say we are simply shocked.

Have a look at the photo of the ink above.

Zayn Malik Celebrates Breakup From Girlfriend Gigi Hadid With New Tattoo On His HEAD!!!!

Most people cry into a pillow after they split up from their boyfriend or girlfriend but not Zayn Malik.

it was at the start of this week that Zayn announces that he had split from his girlfriend of two years Gigi Hadid and now he has decided to go out and get a new tattoo on his head.

The former One Direction singer decided to have a follower on the back of his head and he proudly showed it off on Instagram on Friday evening.

Sadly his Instagram followers didn’t take much to the new ink as some of them thought that he had a ‘rattail’ on the back of his head.

What do you think of Zayn’s new ink??

Jeremy McConnell Gets New Tattoo Of Nun Snorting White Powder

Jeremy McConnell has shared a photo of his new tattoo and we have to say it’s controversial.

The tattooed model has a new tattoo of a nun snorting a white powder and he’s had it as a cover up on his leg.

Along with the photo Jeremy said:

“Sister white,”

Jeremy had a skull tattoo on his leg but decided that he no longer wanted it so he decided to cover it up with the new inking.

Have a look at the tattoo below.

Ed Sheeran Jokes That He Is Going To Get Elton John Tattooed On His Bottom Because He Jokes About Ed Sitting On His Face!

Ed Sheeran Jokes That He Is Going To Get Elton John Tattooed On His Bottom Because He Jokes About Ed Sitting On His Face!

He has 60 tattoos on his body but it looks like Ed Sheeran might be getting another one but it’s not going to be something like flowers or animals.

Ed has joked that he is going to get Elton John tattooed on his bottom because Elton is always asking Ed to sit on his face.

The Castle On The Hill singer admitted this during an interview with BeBox Music after he was asked if he would rather Elton or Taylor Swift tattooed on his ass.

He said:

‘I reckon Elton’s face cause he’s always asking me to sit on it. He f***ing does; I’m not even joking.’

Ed admitted that he ahs been friends with Elton for a while now and he also said that he finds it ‘weird’ being able to call the musician a friend.

That’s the showbiz world for you Ed.

Ed Sheeran Admits He Now Has Sixty Tattoo’s And Plans For Thirty More!

Ed Sheeran Admits He Now Has Sixty Tattoo's And Plans For Thirty More!

We knew that Ed Sheeran liked a tattoo or two but no Ed has shown off his massive tattoo collection in new Shape Of You music video.

The singer has admitted now that he has a whopping 60 tattoos and plans to have another 30 at some point.

Ed has spend 40 hours over the last few months getting the ink and has kept it ll hush hush from his fans as he wanted to show them off in his new music video.

Ed has been tattooed by artist Kevin Paul who has tattooed the likes of Rihanna and Harry Styles admitted that most of the ink was done at Ed’s house.

He said:

‘We’ve spent about 40 hours on Ed over the past year, and keeping it a secret was probably the hardest bit.

‘Sometimes he’d travel to me but usually we’d go round to his house, put on a boxset and order Nando’s, and do a bit of tattooing. It was all very chilled.

He continued:

‘Ed now has thirty tattoos on his front, plus countless ones down his arms.

‘Every single one recently involved horrific pain, especially around the ribs and I remember one time he had to fly out to Italy the next day, and had this awful, weeping tattoo seeping through the clingfilm used to protect it. It wasn’t an ideal situation.’

It nice that all of his tattoos mean something to him in a personal way.

Lady Gaga Gets her 20TH Tattoo!

Lady Gaga GeLady Gaga Gets her 20TH Tattoo!ts her 20TH Tattoo!

She’s no stranger to having tattoos but now Lady Gaga has had her 20th.

The singer decided to dedicate the ink to her Haus of GaGa team who have been with her since day dot making and creating her outfits including that amazing meat dress.

Taking to her Snapchat she said:

“Almost our 10 yr anniversary Haus tattoos.”

The tattoo is of a mouse and she has the word “Haus” written at the top on the inking.

Gaga filmed the whole process of getting the new ink on her Snapchat account and she also dedicate the tattoo to her sister, Natalie.

Have a look at the ink above.