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Fans Are Convinced Kylie Jenner Has Given Birth Already

Over the last few months speculation has been flying around about Kylie Jenner being pregnant but nothing hasn’t been confirmed.

Now her fans  have been saying that they believe she has already given birth.

Over the month of December the Kardashian girls where sharing photos to their Instagram as a part of their Christmas calendar but Kylie only featured in one of the photos and you couldn’t see much of her.

Looking down the list of comments on  the photo one person shared:

‘Did Kylie Jenner give birth already!!!????????? Is baby Kylie already on this earth?! I’m so deep in conspiracies I’m going CRAZY!

While another said:

‘Imagine if on Christmas Day Kylie Jenner didn’t announce her pregnancy but instead announced that she had already given birth.

Tamara Ecclestone’s Sister Petra Pays £20,000 To Have Fake Snow On Christmas Day

Christmas must be lovely when money is no object!

Tamara Ecclestone looks like she had an amazing Christmas as her, her daughter Sophia and husband Jay spend the day in LA with Tamara sister at her £140 million pound mansion.

Tamara’s sister Petra Ecclestone splashed out a whopping £20,000 to have fake snow around her house to make the day even more special.

Tamara shared the photo above to her Instagram account and said along with the photo:

‘When your auntie makes it snowy on Christmas Day in LA.’

Tamara shared other images of Sophia looking super cute as she played in the snow looking like she was having an amazing day.

Looks like she had an amazing day.

Amanda Holden Dresses As Sexy Mrs Christmas For Husband Chris Birthday

Amanda Holden Dresses As Sexy Mrs Christmas For Husband Chris Birthday

She’s so naughty!

Amanda Holden has decided to gaive her hujsband Chris a shock as she dressed up as a sex Mrs Chrismtas in a red festive negligee.

Holden was sitting on the end of a sofa as she said in the video that she had ‘something for him, and something for me, pulling the negligee away from her body.

Amanda has said before that her and Chris find it ‘hard’ to spend ‘along time’ together but when they can get some they tell their daughters that they ‘need to go to bed’ so they can have some ‘along time’.

She is so naughty.

What Is The One Gift That Tamara Ecclestone Cant Buy Daughter This Christmas?

What Is The One Gift That Tamara Ecclestone Cant Buy Daughter This Christmas?

She has a quarter of a billion pounds in her bank so you would have thought that Tamara Ecclestone could buy her daughter anything she wants for Christmass but not this gift.

Tamara’s daughter Sophia has asked for every girls dream a unicorn.

Tamara was talking on ITV’s Lorraine on Wednesday morning when she confirmed what her daughter wants for Chrismas and said that she dosent want a toy unicorn she wants the real thing.

That’s what every little girl wants for Christmas.

Ant McParlin Wants To Spent One Last Christmas With His Wife After I’m A Celebrity

Ant McParlin Wants To Spent One Last Christmas With His Wife After I'm A Celebrity

They have been going thought a very hard year and then the other week we told you about the sad news that Ant McPartlin will not be spending Christmas with his wife Lisa Armstrong but now it seems there might a be a glimmer of hope as Ant is keen on spending one last Christmas with his wife.

Ant who is currently away in Australia filming I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here was going to return from the jungle to another house away from his wife but it’s looking like things might change now.

A source has said to Heat Magazine:

‘She’s said they will see each other over Christmas,’
‘Lisa would rather stay friendly than be resentful. She doesn’t want to ruin what they had – this isn’t a blame game.

‘Ant wants to spend this Christmas with Lisa as her husband – even if this could be the last time,’

We so hope that they can sort things out and stay together it would be such a shame to throw things away.

Katie Price To Spend Christmas With Cheating Husband Kieran Hayler

It’s looking like family matters at Christmas around Katie Price’s house as she is going to be spending the big day with her cheating husband Kieran Hayler.

there months of speculation about if she is going to have him back after finding out that he had cheated on her for time after she had him back but now it relly is looking good for the pair.

The sun has been reported that Hayler will be at home with Katie this christmas and their two childrena plus three of Katie’s children.

Reports have said that Katie wants to try and make things work as the source said:

 “Katie has invited Kieran and his parents to spent Christmas with her and the kids in her house – and they’ll all be there on the day.

“It’s Pete’s turn with Princess and Junior this year, so it’ll be Kieran, his parents, Bunny, Jett and Harvey.

“Everyone’s saying this is the biggest sign that she’s taken Kieran back, because it’s one thing for him to see his kids on Christmas day, but to have his entire family there is another.

“I mean, Kieran has never even moved out.”

The source then continued o say to The Sun:

“Katie always goes really over the top at Christmas and buys loads of gifts and decorates the house, and she’s saying she wants a ‘proper family Christmas’ this year.”

Lets hope they have a happy christmas.