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Danniella Westbrook Arrested Over ‘Malicious Communications’

Actress Danniella Westbrook has been arrested over ‘malicious communication and witness intimidation’.

It was around 2pm on Tuesday afternoon when Westbrook was spotted getting into the back of a police car and was taken for questioning at Hatfield station in Hertfordshire.

This comes after The Sun reported last week that Danniella is being accused of taking £10,000 from an ex-friend whose business she “tried to destroy on social media”.

We will keep you posted on this story.

Danniella Westbrook Hits Out At This Morning After Her Appearance Is Canceled!

Danniella Westbrook Is Homeless And Has Lost Her Car Just Before Christmas

Danniella Westbrook has hit out at This Morning after her appearance on the show was canceled by ITV apparently.

Westbrook was going to appear on the show to talk about her health and was meant to appear on the show last Friday (9th March).

In a tweet she posted on her verified account on Tuesday morning she said that the programme was ‘trying to make her look bad’ and she also screen grabbed a photo of the email from the producers of the show.

“So @ITV @thismorning ask me on the show to talk about my health and what I’ve been through this last year then pull it! Trying to make me look bad!” Danniella wrote, publicly responding to the email.

“Using @loosewomen as an excuse I was still miscarrying when I didn’t do loose women that day! It’s a joke the way they’ve used me.”

Now a spokesperson for This Morning has said to Digity Spy:

“Guest appearances are often subject to change on a daily live programme.”

Danniella Westbrook Shows Off Her Larger Lips And She’s Happy With Her Swollen Pout

Danniella Westbrook Shows Off Her Larger Lips And She's Happy With Her Swollen Pout

Danniella Westbrook has proudly showed off her new larger lips and we have to say they look very swolen.

The actress shared a photo on social media of the lips and said that she is really happy with them as she shared:

 “So happy with my lips!”

Her followers started to comment on the photo saying about how “painful” they look while others where commenting asking how much the procedure costs.

Danniella Westbrook Admits Her In Therapy Program Did More Harm Than Good!

Her In Therapy program was a eye opener.

Now Danniella Westbrook has admitted that the show did more ‘harm than good’ for her.

One of her Twitter followers tweeted her to say that they had just watched the show and she replied back to them and said:

‘Thank you so so much. I’ve had such great support on twitter about it.

‘But doing the actual show did me more harm than good tbh. #therapy [sic].’

Then another person tweeted her and she replied back to them saying:

‘It most certainly is… part of me wished I never did as I got no help at all and now the whole country knows my childhood story of abuse [sic],’

The show was aired last year and was hard to watch knowing that she has been through so much.

Danniella Westbrook Goes From Posh Restaurants to Greggs As She Is Spotted Leaving The Bakery

Danniella Westbrook Goes From Posh Restaurants to Greggs As She Is Spotted Leaving The Bakery

She was one of the biggest actress on the TV but it seems Danniella Westbrook has swapped the high life for Greggs the bakers as she has been annouced as homeless.

The former Eastenders star was spotted leaving one branch in Liverpool as she got what looked like a sausage roll.

Dressed in blue skinny jeans, black knee hight boots and a black jacket with a checked shirt underneath she looked happy as she got her naughty treats for the day ahead on Friday.

Lets hope that the new year might bring her some happiness.

Daniela Westbrook Party’s With Geordie Shores Gaz Beadle Just Days After Being Annouced Homeless

shes been thought her fair share of trouble in her life but it seems all the trouble of being homeless for Daniela Westbrook has gone out of the window as she has been out on a night out with Geordie Shores Gaz Beadle.

The former Eastenders actress who has recently announced that she is homeless and said that she has been staying on friends and family’s couches seems to be having a lovely night on Friday.

The sun has reported:

‘Danniella was at her management’s Christmas party and asked for a picture with Gaz because her daughter Jody adores him.

‘Jody’s a massive Geordie Shore fan and thinks the world of Gaz and Scotty T.
‘Gaz was more than happy to pose for a photograph and Danniella was over the moon because her daughter will think it’s brilliant.’

So that’s how she get the selfie.

seems like she could put her troubles to one side for the night.