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Viewers Left In Fits Of Laughter As “Pat Butcher Smokes Weed’ On Gone To Pot

On Monday night New series Gone to Pot aired on ITV and viewers ha been left in fits of giggles ater’Pat butcher’ From Easteders smokes week on he shows.

We call her Pat Butcher but real she is called Pam St Clemente as her a long with other celebrity’s go to America to the states where Caabis has been legalised.

Pam was smoking the weed with nuns and viewers have called it TV gold.

We have to say we loved the show tonight and we just cant

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Loose Women’s Linda Robson Admits She Overdosed On Marijuana Brownie

She one a early anticipated TV show what is airing tonight what sees a host of big names investigate marijuana and how it has been legalized in some states in america on new show Gone To Pot.

Today on Good Morning Britain Linda Robson appeared on the show along side Bobby George who appeared on the show to talk about what they got up to in the USA.

Linda confessed on the morning ITV show that she overdosed on marijuana brownies as Linda said:


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Pam St Clement Reveals She’s A Big Fan Of Cannabis During Interview

Pam St Clement Reveals She's A Big Fan Of Cannabis During Interview

She’s an Eastenders legend but now Pam St Clements has revealed that she is a fan of smoking canabis.

Pam who is staring on a new program what sees Christopher Biggins, Linda Robson, John Fashanu and Bobby George go on a  US road trip around California and Colarado, where cannabis has been legalized for medical and private recreational use.

Pam has been talking about the new show what starts next week called  Gone To Pot as she said

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Pam St Clement Smokes A Bong For New Documentary

Pam St Clement has been on stage and screen for years and years but now it seems her career has taken another path.

Pam is featuring on a new show what aires next week what sees a host of TV stars explores the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

The new ITV documentary called Gone To Pot, features the Eastender legend fly out to America to see how cannabis is helping health problems.

In one scene Pam smokes a bong at a Puff

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Jeremy McConnell Jokes About Having ‘Coke In His Villa’ Risking 24 Years In Turkish Prison

He’s currently away on holiday but it seems things may have turned serious for Jeremy McConnell has he has joked about having ‘coke in the villa’ while away in Turkey.

Turkish law says that cocaine is strictly not allowed and if someone has it they could face up to 24 years in prison.

In a video what has been published by The Sun Jeremy was filmed boasting about the white powder despide the risk that he could face 24 years

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BREAKING NEWS: Former Coronation Street Actor Iain Rogerson Has Passed Away Due To ‘Insulin Overdose’

 BREAKING NEWS: Former Coronation Street Actor Iain Rogerson Has Passed Away Due To 'Insulin Overdose’

Breaking news this morning is that former Coronation Street actor Iain Rogerson has passed away.

It’s been said in the press that the actor passed away due to an insulin overdose, an inquest heard.

Iain played Harry Flagg for two years in the ITV soap and he passed away at Wrexham Maelor hospital on October 13

His character was axed from the show in 2004 after several people where axed.

So sad.

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