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Phillip Schofield Shocks Celebrity Juice Viewers By Saying ‘I’m A Cheating C**t’

Phillip Schofield has shocked Celebrity Juice viewers after he dropped the c-word.

It was the Easter special of the show when he decided to use the naughty word after he was shown clips of him on the show in previous episodes where he apparently cheated at some of htr games.

Phillip then took the moment to apologize for his cheating when he said down the camera:

 “I would like to apologise for the numerous occasions where, quite obviously, we have got video evidence of.

“I will maintain that on one of them someone was off-balance, on another I was helping a friend, and on the third one I was a cheating c**t.”

The audience members went crazy when he said that word and then ‘Schofe said the ‘C’ word!!’ flashed up on the bottom of the screen.

Jeff Brazier Left Embarrassed After Alexander Armstrong Reveals He Has A Big Willy

Jeff Brazier has been left shocked during a interview on This Morning when Alexander Armstrong told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that Jeff has a big willy and he has ‘willy envy’.

Jeff was appearing via video link where it was being filmed live from Sheffield where they were rehearsing for the Full Monty what was going to be filmed live.

Philip asked Alexandra if he was jealous of any of the other men’s private parts when he replied back:

“Jeff Brazier wins that one hands down so we already hold our hands up to that one.”

Phillip then said back:

 “Nobody wants to stand next to Jeff Brazier” and Alexander agreed as he started laughing.

So funny.

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Squeeze A Stress Boob Live On This Morning

They are so funny.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been really naughty on This Morning today after the pair decided to squeeze a stress boob live on the show.

It was Emmerdale actress Sally Dexter who gave the pair the stress toy what Philip decided to play with before passing it over to Holly.

So funny and they are so naughty.

Phillip Schofield Forced To Rescue Holly Willoughby After Getting Trapped In ITV Studios

Them two.

Phillip Schofield has been forced to rescue Holly Willoughby after she got her band strap caught on a locked door and she wasn’t able to unhook the bag.

Holly had to call Phillip who was sitting in his dressing room and in typical Schofe style he filmed the moment and put it on his Snapchat.

Phillip filmed himself walking to the door where Holly was looking through the window and when he panned his phone down you could see her bag handle around the door handle.

The pair couldn’t stop laughing at the accident.

So funny.

Have a look at the video below.

Dominic Littlewood’s Little Todger Falls Out During The Live Full Monty

Tonight kicked of two nights of entertainment of The Full Monty Live and it didn’t go well at all really as Dominic Littlewood’s little todger was in full view after he failed to cover it up.

The TV presenter was sitting in the audience when he stood up but the little hat what he had covering his private parts fell and he was fully naked on screen for all to see.

One Twitter user shared:

“Saw a glimpse of Dom Littlewood’s little wood there.  #TheRealFullMonty xx”

While another said:

“Did I just really see Dom Littlewood’s d**k on tv ? #TheRealFullMonty”

So funny.

Marnie Simpson Acidently Shares Photo Of Boyfriend Casey Johnson’s Privates

Marnie Simpson Acidently Shares Photo Of Boyfriend Casey Johnson's Privates

Marnie Simpson is going to be in trouble.

Just a normal photo of her dog has turned into something very funny and embarrassing as Marnie took a photo of the dog but failed to check the background of the snap.

In the background Marnie’s boyfriend Casey Johnson’ naked body could be seen in the mirror and she actually shared the photo with his penis in the background.

It wasn’t long after the photo was shared before Marne found out what had happened and delete the snap.

So embarrassing.

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