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Kate Garraway’s Husband Derek Draper Is In Intensive Care After Displaying Mild Symptoms

Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway’s has announced that her husband Derek Draper is currently in intensive care after displaying mild symptoms of Coronavirus.

Kate who’s currently self-isolating in her home with her two children

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Dynamo Annouces He Has Tested Positive For COVID-19 During Online Video

Magician Dynamo has revealed he’s tested positive for COVID-19.

Dynamo told his followers the news in the online video (below) shared to his Instagram page where he confessed that he had paid privately to have the test to see if he had the

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Chuckle Brother’s Star Paul Chuckle Says He’s Had Coronavirus And Begs Fans To Stay At Home

Paul Chuckle has confirmed to his followers that he has recovered after having Coronavirus.

Paul has said that he has suffered ‘mild symptoms’ as he took to Twitter on Monday evening.

In the short video he said:

‘Hi guys, just checking in to let you know I’m still around. I have been laid up with Covid-19 for a few days, just mild but it was there and

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Eamonn Holmes Admits He Has A Hearing Aid After Aparently Going Through ‘Manopause’

Eamonn Holmes has admitted that his health has declined causing him to need a hearing aid after going through the ‘manopause’.

The broadcaster has said:

‘Of course there is a manopause. There is a natural decline. And I’m not a superhuman. But I have a positivity, a lust for life. I don’t feel that I want to slow up.’

In 2016 Eamonn had to have a double hip replacement and it was then when he discovered that he had lost around 30% of his hearing and he had to wear a hearing air when he was presenting on Sky News.

He continued to say:

‘I was reassured that it was

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