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Jodie Marsh Gets Arrested After She Texts Ex-Husband James Placido Saying He ‘Ows Her Father Money’

Jodie Marsh has said that she was arrested after she text her ex-husband James Placido saying that he owed her father money.

The fomrer model tweeted on Tuesaday that police officers bangged on the door in the early hours of the morning after she sent the text message to James asking for her father John’s money.

The tweet what has now been deleted from her verified account read:

‘Oh didn’t you know??? They’re too busy arresting ME for texting my own husband asking for money he owes my dad…’

Then she continued:

‘ ‘If I had shadowed the pair of men who arrested me (a small woman) at 4 o’clock in the morning by barging into my house I would have thought the same as I do now, that they are a pair of t***s who are power crazed.’

‘Terrible how they can’t arrest real criminals these days. Shameful as well,’


Jodie Marsh Announces Death Of Her Rescued Bulldog Just Days After She Performed CPR On Him

Sad news has been annouced tonight that Jodie Marsh broke on social media.

Jodie took to her Facebook account on Wednesday night to break the news that Louis her bulldog what she has had for 11 years passed away.

This comes just days after Jodie was filmed performing CPR on the dog after he choked on a large treat due to problems with his palate just as she confessed that she has been doing this every two months for two years.

Writing on Facebook she shared:

“I am absolutely heart broken to tell you that Louie passed away this afternoon.

“As I’d said before on my twitter, I knew I didn’t have long left with him. As a fur baby mummy you can just tell when they start to deteriorate.

“Louie was an incredible dog with a huge personality. I wouldn’t have kept resuscitating him if I thought he was in pain or suffering or not enjoying life.

So so sad but at least he had a lovely home for 11 years and lived with an owner who doted on him.


Jodie Marsh Forced To Perform CPR On Her Dog After It Chokes On Treat

Jodie Marsh Forced To Perform CPR On Her Dog After It Chokes On Treat

Jodie Marsh has given a warning to all Bull Dog owners as she has been forced to perform CPR on her pet on Sunday after it choked on a  treat.

Jodie was filmed by her mum blowing into her dog’s mouth and pushing on his tunny trying to being him back to life after he stopped breathing after choking on a large treat.

The video was filmed and shared online as a warning for other bulldog owners to make sure that they know what to do if their dog chocks on their food.

Along with the video Jodie said:

“The average life expectancy of a bulldog is 6 years old and myself and some friends have had them only make it to 3 years old. Mostly when they pass away you’ll be told it was a heart attack – chances are it’s probably not and could be this:

“Earlier today this happened and my mum filmed it. Louie my bulldog has an elongated soft pallet which makes it difficult for him to breathe and eat. He often collapses when eating and for over 2 years now I have been blending his food into a liquid. We had given all the dogs some treats today and Louie had picked one up that was too big for his throat. He choked, passed out, went completely limp, urinated on himself and his tongue went blue. This happens every couple of months with Louie and it’s so bad you would honestly think he’s dead. He has no signs of life.”

If you haven’t watched the video yet make sure you watch it below.

Jodie Marsh Revels She Wants Her Breasts Reduced

Jodie Marsh is no stranger to getting her boobs out for lads mags and things but now it seems it’s all going to change for Jodie as she has decided to have a breast reduction.

The fitness fanatic has decided that she dissent want her boobs out all the time and is decided to havemthem reduced down to a more smaller size and to look ‘elegant and ladylike’.

Talking to the Mail Online, Jodie said:

‘The only thing I would quite like done is [having] my boobs reduced. I’ve seen a couple of surgeons about it, but because of the size of them and what they’d need to do to make them look good still, they’re saying it’s quite a complicated procedure.’

Then she stared to talk about how the older she had gotten the more she wants to look like a lady as she continued:

I think it’s an age thing. The older you get, the more you just want to look elegant and ladylike.

We just hope that she doesn’t start yo regret e tattoos next.

Olivia Buckland Brands Jodie Marsh A “BULLY” After She Said OLivia Was Sleeping With Lots Of Guys On Love Island

Jodie Marsh Claims Love Island's Olivia Buckland Was 'Bed-Hopping' In The Villa

Earlier today we told you the news about how Jodie Marsh has hit out at Love Island stars in series 2 and how they were all ‘bed hopping’.

Then Jodie decided to slam Olivia Buckland as she said to the Daily Mail:

“That Olivia Buckland last year slept with one bloke one night and another bloke the other night – she slept with two blokes on the telly.”

Seeing the interview Olivia has decided to hit out at Jodie as she said:

“It legit pains me to even comment on this but I have got a lot of girl followers and I want to stand up for myself and other girls who may be being shamed for things they shouldn’t and bullied whether it be online, in the work place, in school or wherever by other girls.

“This is not acceptable, we are girls, we have fought for our rights. We are all entitled to an opinion but to feel victimised and constantly picked on by one single person is not fair.

Continuing to write to her 333,000 followers Buckland continued to say:

“A ‘public figure’ double my age, who has never met me, has yet again publicly in the press, with no motive, referenced me a bed hopper and a s**t, this is after previous comments about me a few months ago, and after a previously emotionally relationship ending due to my ex partner cheating with this woman.”

Olvia then called Jodie a “Bully” as she wrote:

“I feel picked on and goaded into responding in a similar way but that is not the way I like to handle stuff and as girls we should not be rising to this, we need to speak up and call people out in the hope that bullying will end.”I was even asked about this lady in an interview recently and I tried to stay very middle grounded and respect her but now seeing I’ve been called names again in the press by the same person is really upsetting.”

There’s a row beginning here.

Let’s just hope that they are never put in the same room together.

Jodie Marsh Claims Love Island’s Olivia Buckland Was ‘Bed-Hopping’ In The Villa

Jodie Marsh Claims Love Island's Olivia Buckland Was 'Bed-Hopping' In The Villa

It was only last year that Jodie Marsh had reality stars tweeting abuse on her on social media but now it seems she has been sitting out back at them.

Jodie has said that she feels series 2 of Love Island’s girls all where ‘bed hopping’ and having sex with each other when she feels this year’s girls are more like ladies.

Jodie has never been shy about slamming reality stars for having sex on TV and other antics what they get up to as she has been celibate for a lot of her life.

Jodie praised this years girls of Love Island for being ‘a lot more respectful’ while taking a swipe at the dating series’ former contestants.

Speaking to the Daily Mail the tattooed beauty said:

‘It doesn’t bother me.

‘It shows them up for what I said they were in the first place, they shouldn’t be having sex on TV and it’s just proving my point, you’ve got no manners or class.

She continued:

‘When they’re my age they will regret every bit of it, I was just trying to help them by saying don’t do it. They all took offence… but they will be highly embarrassed that they acted the way they did.

‘I never regret anything I say, I still stand by it all. We all have our own opinions.’

Then talking about this years love Island, Jodie said:

‘This year on Love Island, they’ve been a lot more respectful, they’re not all sh***ing about and jumping into bed with different people.

‘People are loving Jonny and Camilla – the ones who are holding out. They are the ones that have got the biggest fan-base and the respect. I’m not trying to say I played a part in that, but last year they were all acting like s***s.

Talking about former Islander Olivia Buckland she said:

‘That Olivia Buckland last year slept with one bloke one night and another bloke the other night – she slept with two blokes on the telly!’

Well this is not going to go down well.

What do you think about the whole situation?

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