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Khloe Kardashian Cant Wait To Become A MUM!


With Khloe Kardashian expecting her first child she seems just super excited.

The reality star has been said to be looking forward to welcoming her little one into the world and has been getting lots of practice in by looking after nieces and nephews over the years.

A source has said to ET Online:

Khloé isn’t worried about being a mother, she is more than prepared. Khloé has had training over the years with her numerous nieces and nephews… Khloé is just ready to be a mother.”

She will be such a good mum and we just cant wait ot see the little one.

Khloe Kardashian Bans Step Dad Caitlyn Jenner From Seeing Baby

Khloe Kardashian Bans Step Dad Caitlyn Jenner From Seeing Baby

Khloe Kardashian has amditted that she has bannded her ex stepdad Caitlyn Jenner from seeing the new born when the baby is born.

Khloe was talking on Lorraine on Thursday morning when she said that she dosnet belive that her being pregnant will change her relationship with Caitlyn and it is making their family feud as strong as ever.

When interview Ross King asked Khloe if their relationship will chnage she replied:

“In what way?”

“I don’t think that affects anything with Caitlyn.

“Things are just as they are.”

Lets hope that one day they will be able to get on.

Pregnant Sisters Kylie Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Pose Showing Off Baby Bumps

So cute.

With the cat out of the bag on Sunday with Kylie Jenner annoucing that she had given birth to a baby girl she has now shared a photo to her Instagrma page of herslef and sister Khloe Kardashian flahsing their baby bumps.

In the snap the pair both have their bumps out as they pose for the camera.

Malika Haqq Wants To Know Everything About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy After Being ‘Locked Up’ In Celebrity Big Brother Hous

Malika Haqq Wants To Know Everything About Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy After Being 'Locked Up' In Celebrity Big Brother Hous

With Malika Huqq being in the Celebrity big Brother house she has been away from the outside world and now the reality star has admitted that she wants to know everything about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy,

On Friday Malika was appearing on Good Morning Britain where she asked “everyone to inform her” on the latest baby news.

It was during the interview that Malika never denied that Kyle is pregnant and confessed that she is ‘looking’ for information.

Presenter of the show Ben Shephard then asked Malika is Kylie is expecting as he asked:

“And there’s lots of babies on the way? There’s Kylie’s baby?”

To what Malika replied:

 “I don’t know. When I come out I’m looking for everyone to inform me. I’ve been locked up. I don’t know anything.”


She has been locked up for a month not nine lol..

Khloé Kardashian Has Become ‘Obsessed’ With Newborn Chicago West Ahead Of Her Baby Being Born

Khloe Kardashian is super excited about having her own little one but it seems like she ha sbene getting as much pratic in to prepair for her arrival.

It’s been said that Khloe has been prepairing for the little one that she has become ‘obsessed’ with Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s newborn daughter Chicago West!

A source has told People:

“She is obsessed with baby Chi and visits every day.”

“She can’t wait to be a mom. She is excited about being pregnant, but can’t wait to meet her baby. She is also excited about her upcoming baby shower.”

She need’s all the pratice she can and it seems that is what she is doing.

We cant wait to see her little one.

Khloe Kardashian Snubs Rumors She’s Going Into The Celebrity Big Brother House

Earlier today rumors were flying around saying that Khloe Kardashian is going to be going into the Celebrity Big Brother house but now she has snubbed them rumors.

Khloe’s best friend Malika Haqq is currently starting on the Channel 5 series and the producers wanted Khloe in the house or in video form for them to show on the show.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Everyone is really keen to have Khloe send Malika a video message of support in the house.

“The team have been working to try and make this happen, it would make for brilliant TV.

“Just imagine, one of the queens of reality in the place where it all began.”

When a fan tweeted Khloe asking if she would enter the house she replied back and said:

“Nope not true!”


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