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Lauren Goodger Ends Relationship With Jailbird Lover Joey Morrison

They have only meet each other a number of times but now Lauren Goodger has ended her relationship with Joey Morrison who is currently in prison.

This comes after Lauren has had a very public spat with her former flame Mark Wright and it has all played out on social media.

Lauren has tweeted a number of times that her relationship is over and how she is going to move on to better things and annouced that she is going to get another phone for a clean start.

Lauren Goodger Shows Off Her 9lbs Weight Loss In New Instagram Snap

Lauren Goodger Shows Off Her 9lbs Weight Loss In New Instagram Snap

She is famous for her yo-yo diets but now it seems Lauren Goodger is finally sticking to her diet as she has annouced that she has lost a whopping 9lbs.

The former Towie star shared a snap of herself posing in the mirror taking a selfie showing off her weight loss but this comes at a cost as she has said that she is ‘starving’ and living off cans of tuna.

Writing in her latest column she said:

‘I’ve lost 5lbs so far this month… My plan is to lose another 6lbs by the end of next month. At the moment I weigh 10st 7lbs but I’d love to get down to 9st.
‘I want to be tiny again!… I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard and I’m starving! I’m not eating big meals, I’m literally eating cans of tuna and a few carbs. Chicken is even a treat, ha, ha!’

Not the best of things to promote but if it’s working for then who are we to judge.

Lauren Goodger Hits Back At The Photoshopped Photos

Lauren Goodger Suffers Photoshop Fail As She Shares Workout Photo

Yesterday we told you that Lauren Goodger had edited her post workout snaps as you could see that the door frame had been bed in the process.

Now Lauren has hit back at the claims for touching up the pictures.

Lauren has now denied that she edited the photo as she said:

Oh no the picture editing thing again but I left the left one original and edited the right one hmmm silly me I didn’t think to do both even though in the same picture. It’s called shadowing!”

So that’s now what it’s called??

Lauren Goodger Suffers Photoshop Fail As She Shares Workout Photo

Lauren Goodger Suffers Photoshop Fail As She Shares Workout Photo

She’s no stranger to photoshop fails but now Lauren Goodger has had another one as she has shared a couple of workout snap and you can clearly see when you look at both of the photos that one of them has been edited.

In the photo Lauren is standing near a doorway when she is in her workout gear and you can see that the door frame is bent as you can see above.

This is not the first time she had edited her snaps as remeber that time she edited that paparazzi shot??

Lauren Goodger Has Jailbird Boyfriends Name Tattooed On Her Wrist

She denied that they where an item but now it seems like Lauren Goodger has confirmed her romance with prison inmate convicted burglar Joey Morrison.

The reality star has decided to have his name tattooed on her wrist to mark her love for Joey but sadly she wont be spending Christmas with him because he is currently on a 16-year sentence.

Goodger decided to have the tattoo on her right arm to show a symbol of her love for him.

Lauren and Joey have both talked about building a life together when he comes out and she has even talked about having his child too.

Lauren Goodger Is Hoping For A Mark Wright Reunion!

Lauren Goodger Is Hoping For A Mark Wright Reunion!

It seems she’s over her jailbird boyfriend.

Lauren Goodger has admitted to the Mirror that she is hoping to get back with her ex Mark Wright who she dated a number of years back even though he is happily married to Michelle Keegan.

Talking during a interview she admitted that she still loves her ex and she hopes that one day he will return to TOWIE.

She said to the Mirror:

“How good would it be if we got all the TOWIE originals back together?”

“I just feel like we’ve all moved on from everything. It would be fun to just have a laugh with it.

She then continued:

“All of that is such old news – there isn’t any bad blood. Not for me personally anyway. I’m cool with everyone.

“I don’t think [a reunion] would happen but it would be good – just to see what we all look like now compared to back then.”

This comes after Lauren returned to the reality show this year for the first time in years.