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BREAKING NEWS: Acid Attacker Arthur Collins Gets 8 More Months Added To His Sentance After Taking Phone Into Prison To Call Ferne McCann

News has just broke that Arthur Collins who threw acid over a crowded nightclub has added 8 more months added to his sentence after he took a phone into prison to call his ex girlfriend and mother of his child Ferne McCann.

Arthur smuggled the phone into his prison cell to call his ex and it was last month when Arthur confessed to having the phone in his cell and is using two sim cards and and two memory sticks inside a crutch while awaiting

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Coronation Street Stars Send New Year Messages To Bruno Langley Who’s Been Convicted For Sexual Assult

His last scene where on Christmas Eve in Coronation Street after Bruno Langley was written out of the soap after he was convicted for sexual assault but now a host of Corrie cast members have been messaging the convinced actor to wish him new year.

Bruno received lots of messages from cast members including Beverley Callard and Claire King who tweeted him and said they ‘wish him all the best for 2018’.


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Ferne McCann’s Fomrer Boyfriend Arth Collins Gets 20 Years For Accid Attack And Show No Emotion

Arthur Collins recieved a sentance of 20 years after he threw acid over a busy nightclub in London injuring 16 people.

The former boyfriend of Ferne McCann was in court on Tuesday where he was slapped with the 20 year sentance and showed no emotinal to all the victims who he hurt on that awful night.

The judge branded Collins a ‘calculating liar’ and said that he didnt ‘slightest remorse’ after the ‘deliberate

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Coronation Street Forced To Rewrite Bruno Langley’s Final Scenes

His last episode will air on Christmas eve but now Coronation Street bosses have been forced to rewrite Bruno Langley’s final scenes after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

Bruno left the soap in October after two women came forward to admit that they where secxually assulted by Bruno who played Todd Grimshaw in the ITV soap.

It was on Tuesday when Bruno pleaded guilty to the charges.

A show insider has said to  Manchester Evening

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Ferne McCann Tells Ex Boyfriend Arthur Collins That He Is Never Seeing Herself Or Newborn Baby After Conviction For Acid Attack

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann has told her former boyfriend Arthur Collins that he is never seeing herself or their newborn baby ever again after he was convicted over an acid attack.

McCann went to see Arthur just days after he was convicted and told him:

‘You have ruined our lives. This is what you have done. And this is what you are missing out on.’

Fearne has now said to Sunday People:

‘I went

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