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Stacey Solomon Shows Off Her New Hairstyle On Loose Women As It Gets People Talking

Stacey Solomon has been the talk of Loose Women today with the way she had her hair.

The panelist opted for a curly hairstyles as her hair was up high with tight curls.

Looking like Shirley Temple, Solomon looked fantastic with her new hair and some large earrings too.

Stacey is no stranger to wearing a wig as she often likes to change her hairstyle but she never said if her hair on Thursday show was a wig or not.

Real Reason Why Katie Price Has Not Been On Loose Women Revealed

Katie Price Hits Out At Holly Willoughby After Weightloss As She Tells Her To 'Eat Cake'

If you’re a regular viewer to Loose Women then you would have noticed that Katie Price has not been on the show for a while now but the reason behind it has been revealed.

Until now.

Apparently a close ITV sources has said that the other Loose Women are fed u with her being such a ‘diva’ on the show ITv have apparently decided not to ask her on lately.

Katie has also had a lot going on in her life as she had to have surgery to fix a botched face lift what went horribly wrong.

Also the source said that she would leave the drivers what take her from her Sussex home to the ITV studios in London waiting for ages and making them late.

Katie has admitted before to being late as during one show in 2015 she was so late that the show had already started without her and she had to walk out live and take her seat.


Christine McGunniess To ‘Join’ Loose Women

Paddy McGunniess wife is set to join Loose Women according to sources.

Christine McGunniess is aparently one of the laiest to join the popular lunctime show as bosses are aparently ‘ really excited’ to see how she gets on with the viewing public.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Bosses are really excited to see how Christine comes across on Loose Women and are already discussing a more permanent role for her,”

“They believe her no-nonsense Northern charm is exactly what the show needs.


Sue Johnston Has To Hold Back The Tears As She Talks About Caroline Aherne’s Death

Today on Loose Women Sue Johnston appeared on the show to talk about an upcoming film she is starring in when she was asked about the death of her The Royle Family co-star Caroline Aherne and that’s when she struggled to hold back the tears.

It was in July of 2016 when Caroline passed away due to lung cancer and Sue admitted that she still hasn’t taken Caroline’s number out of her phone because she doesn’t have the courage to take it out of her phonebook.

Sue said:

“I’ve not been able to watch any [Royle Family] and I can’t do delete,” the star said before starting to well up.

“She was groundbreaking and also so generous with the cast and crew.”

“She was taken too young and she was one of the most generous, kind [women], and we all know how funny,”

Sue then said that she is meeting with The Royle Family cast later on this year ad this is the first time since Caroline passed away.

“We’re all going to have a little reunion,” “They’re getting us all together.

“I’ve seen people individually but it’s going to be hard. If you don’t see people regularly, you don’t miss them continuously.
“But then suddenly you get a realisation that she’s gone.”

It’s still unbelievable that she has passed away.

Gemma Collins Dumped Celebs Go Dating Beau Laurence Hearn Live On Loose Women With Him In The Audience

How embarrassing.

Gemma Collins was appearing on Loose Women today when she took along her Celebs Go Dating beau Laurence Hearn and he was sitting in the audience watching the interview when Gemma admitted that she wants to have babies with ehr on off ex James Argent.

Gemma then said that she had been asked out on a date tonight with Arg and she said that she  “hadn’t decided what to do” while Laurence sad meters away from her.

She said:

“Arg called me and said ‘Can I take you on a date tonight’ and this was this morning?

“What shall I do, I never know what to do?

“It’s that old fashioned saying that you can’t get a man then three men come along at once.”

Then she continued to say that she will proberly go on the date with Arg as she said “Sorry Laurence.”

Then talking about her relationship with Laurence she said:

 “I was looking for love, I still am looking for love. But no offence – I really really adore Laurence but I’ve only known him five minutes.”

“I done the show because obviously me and Arg were very on and off at the time.

“I think you should know when you meet the one.”

Tamara Ecclestone Slates Janet Street-Porter As She Calls Her Fake, Bitter And Insecure’

Tamara Ecclestone has let rip at Janet Street-Porter after she wrote an article in the Daily Mail about her sister Petra Ecclestone’s ex-husband James Stunt as she described him as an “odious little s***”, and said that Petra is not “the brightest spanners in the toolbox”.

Another thing she wrote in the article is:

 “taste isn’t a given” for the siblings, and they are “living proof that money doesn’t buy you brains or taste”.

Reading the full article Tamara took to her Instagram account to hit out at the Loose Women presenter as she wrote on Thursday morning:

“Always so fake and sweet when i have met you.

“Love to see you again and see if you have anything to say to my face instead of from behind your keyboard.

“You should be ashamed of yourself you really let women down.

“Your a bitter insecure women hater (sic).”

She continued:

“Shame on you for writing about something you know nothing about and have none of the facts.

“Let me tell you one thing we agree on I am lucky, lucky to be blessed with a family who love each other unconditionally lucky to be a mum to the most amazing little girl I have a truly fulfilled life.

“So yes I am lucky Janet but I would rather be lucky than be you hell I would rather be a lot of things than be you.”


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