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Celebrity Big Brother’s Amanda Barrie Defends Ann Widdecombe After Lorraine Kelly Calls Her ‘A Big Wet Blanket’

This mornign it all got a little heated on Lorraine after Amanda Barrie defed her friend Ann Widdecombe after Lorraine Kelly called her ‘a big wet blanket’.

Amanda was on the show to talk abotu her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house when Lorraine made them commnets causing Barrie to defend her friend.

She said:

‘We were sleeping together… not in that way, I don’t want to rub my life off on to her!’


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George Shelley Breaks Down On Lorraine Over Death Of His Sister

Today was heartbreaking on Lorraine after George Sheely appeared and talked about how he suffered with depression after the death of his sister.

His sister Harriet, 21, was killed after she was hit by a car on a night out causing her to hit her head on the ground and suffer a fatal injury.

Harriet walked out from between an HGV and a coach carrying crew and equipment for a Stormzy concert.

Talking on Lorraine George said:

 “I’ve had

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Lorraine Kelly Left Shocked After New Puppy Poos On Show Set

Lorraine Kelly Left Shocked After New Puppy Poos On Show Set

Ohh no so embarrassing!

Lorraine Kelly has been left embarrassed after her puppy decided to do a big poo on the set of her morning TV show.

Lorraine who hasn’t had the border terrier called Angus for very long but already he’s causing lots of drama at ITV.

When the camera stopped rolling on Lorraine she then had to go and pick the poo up.

Laughing to the camera Lorraine said:

‘We don’t talk

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Tamara Ecclestone Hits Out At Lorraine Kelly After ‘Uncomfortable’ Interview

What Is The One Gift That Tamara Ecclestone Cant Buy Daughter This Christmas?

On Wednesday morning Tamara Ecclestone appeared on Lorraine to talk about her new reality show but the interview tured awqward after Lorraine Kelly questioned Tamara’s parenting skills after Tamara confessed that she has detacment issues to her daughter Sophia.

When talking about the detacment issues Lorraine told Tamra that she needs to ‘let go’ her daughter and then continued to say:

‘You have to let them go, bring

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Meghan Markle Lookalikes’ Compete On Lorraine To Win Competition But None Look Like Megan

On Lorraine they have been holding a competition to find a lookalike of Meghan Markle and the winner will be signed to a celebrity lookalike agency but there is one problem….

None of the top three look like her.

As you can imagine social media erupted with comments after the show aired on Friday morning with people commenting saying that the girls look nothing like Meghan.

Emma Kaler, Ashley Riding and

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Pam St Clement Reveals She’s A Big Fan Of Cannabis During Interview

Pam St Clement Reveals She's A Big Fan Of Cannabis During Interview

She’s an Eastenders legend but now Pam St Clements has revealed that she is a fan of smoking canabis.

Pam who is staring on a new program what sees Christopher Biggins, Linda Robson, John Fashanu and Bobby George go on a  US road trip around California and Colarado, where cannabis has been legalized for medical and private recreational use.

Pam has been talking about the new show what starts next week called  Gone To Pot as she said

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