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Loose Women Left Shocked At Nadia Sawalha’s Dirty Lipstick Covered In HAIRS!

Loose Women Left Shocked At Nadia Sawalha's Dirty Lipstick Covered In HAIRS!

Just simply disgusting.

On Loose Women they were talking about how dirty their makeup bags are and that’s when Kay Adams decided to get Nadia Sawalha’s bag out and when she pulled a lipstick out of the bag they all got a shock.

The lipstick was covered in HAIR and it was simply disgusting.

Kay opened the bag and said that it was a “absolutely minging thing” as she replutently put her hands though it.

Holding the lippy in her hand Kay sholuted out:

“It’s actually got a culture growing on top,”

Simply disgusting.

This Morning Viewers Go Wild As Phillip Schofield Tries on Orange Lip Gloss

This Morning Viewers Go Wild As Phillip Schofield Tries on Orange Lip Gloss

Phillip Schofield has made This Morning viewers laugh as he tried out some orange lip gloss live on the show.

The presenter looked down the camera as he placed the lip gloss on his lips as his co-presenter Holly Willoughby looked on laughing her head off.

Holly placed a big of the lip gloss on Phil’s nose and then said to him:

“Orange is definitely your colour!”

To what Philip then started applying the lip gloss to his lips.

Fans went crazy on social media with sharing screen shots from their TV’s and tweeting their views.

We just love Phil so funny.

This Morning Viewers Go Crazy For 12-Year-Old Reuben de Maid’s Make-Up Skills

He maybe only 12-years-old but Reuben de Maid can do makeup like a pro!

The singer and wannabe makeup artist appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Thursday where he spoke to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby as a part of their ‘Be Kind Campaign’ as he talked about being bullied at drama school for his love of sing and makeup.

Viewers to the show have fallen in love with the 12-year-old as they just couldn’t believe his singing voice and his talent for makeup and we have to say he is really good at it.

Reuben who has appeared on The Ellen Show said to Phil and Holly:

“I would dress up with my sister around the house, and then the next step was to wear it [make-up],” “So I became really interested in it, and then started watching videos on the internet.”

Watching the interview viewers to the show where quick to jump on social media to support Reuben as one person tweeted:

“#ThisMorning crack on son you seem a good guy too me. fight the power,’

Another said:

This boy is adorable! He’s going to go so far in life  his make up skills slays, good on you Reuben

We have to say he is one talented little boy and we have majour makeup envy here.

We shall look forward to where his career goes in the future.

Holly Hagan Divides Fans WIth new Makeup What Makes Her Look Like A ‘Waxwork’

Holly Hagan Divides Fans WIth new Makeup What Makes Her Look Like A 'Waxwork'

Holly Hagan has admitted to have lots of plastic surgery to her face but on Wednesday it was her makeup what divided fans.

Holly shared a photo of her new makeup to Instagram and it divided fans as they have said that she look’s like a wax work in the snap.

Along with the photo she said:

‘How INSANE is @karinarosebelfield at painting my face.

Looking at the photo fans started to comment and judge the Geordie Shore star as one person said:

‘Way too much, I’m unfollowing, your are all looking exactly the same lately.’

While another shared:

‘Far too much make up! Doesn’t even look like holly! She looks like Jodie Marsh!’

Another one just simply said:

‘Unfollowed…. what is the attraction?????? Plastic!!!,’

We personally think her makeup looks really nice in this photo.

Jealousy maybe?

Kylie Jenner Opens Her Pop Up Shop And It Features A Wall Of Lip Kits!

Today has been a big day for Kylie Jenner as she opened her pop up shop in at the Topanga Westfield mall in Los Angeles on Friday.

Some of her fans started queuing at 4AM in the morning to get a glimpse of the reality star and screamed like mad when she arrived at the store with her mum Kris Jenner.

The shop looks beautiful and features a wall with thousands of thousands of lip kits on the wall in colour order.

It also had screens playing videos of Kylie all over her boyfriend Tyga playing on a loop though the shop.

Have a look at some of the photos from her opening day.

Katie Price Shows Off New Eyebrows As She Poses With Newborn Skinny Pig

Katie Price Shows Off New Eyebrows As She Poses With Newborn Skinny Pig

Katie Price has showed off her new work what she has had done to her face.

In a new Instagram snap the former glamour model showed off her new lips and newly tattooed eyebrows.

In the photo Katie is cuddling up to her newborn Skinny Pig and admitted in the caption of the photo that her eyebrows where a little ‘wild’.

Along with the photo she said:

“and yes I know my eyebrows look crazy lol and my lips as I had tattoo brows and liner on my lips @thebrowqueen_ they will fade loads lol 😂😂😂👀👀”

Her eyebrows are very dramatic but we bet they look nice.

What do you think??