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Saira Khan Causes Outrage On Loose Women After Calling Meghan Markle A ‘Brown Girl’

Viewers to Loose Women have been left angry with Sair Khan after she called Meghan Markle a ‘brown princess’ live on the show.

Saira was talking about the engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan when she said live on the show ‘There’s a brown girl in da house!’ to her fellow panelists.

Viewers took to Twitter straight away and criticized as they count beleive just what she had said.

One person tweeted:


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Meghan Markle Forced To Leave Dog Behind In Canada As It’s ‘Too Old To Fly To The UK’

Meghan Markle Forced To Leave Dog Behind In Canada As It's  'Too Old To Fly To The UK'

So sad.

Meghan Markle has been forced to leave one of her dogs at home in Canada after it is ‘too old to return to come to the UK’.

Meghan rescued two dogs a beagle, Guy, and a labrador-shepherd cross, Bogart who see Meghan often via Facetime.

Kensington Palace have confirmed that Guy has returned to the UK to live with Meghan and Prince Harry but sadly Bogart has been left behind.

The Prince’s communication secretary Jason

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Argos Sell Replica Of Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring For £33.00

A lookalike ring of Meghan Markles engagement ring has been found on the Argos website and it’s a bargain at just £33.00 and Cubic zirconia.

The high street chain has been selling the ring for a while so it’s not like they brought it out today for her engagement but it is very much similar to Markles.

The replica ring looks just like Maghans as it is three stones with a larger center stone and two by the side set in 9ct gold

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Just Who Is Paying For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding?

The countries is excited at the moment with another Royal wedding what will be happening in Spring 2018 but one question what is on a lot of peoples lips is just who is paying for the lavish day.

Prince Harry who is worth £40 million and Meghan who’s worth £4 Million wedding will come at a cost and some social media users are worried that it will come out of taxpayers money.

One person tweeted:

‘Before you all get ahead of yourselves,

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Meghan Markle’s Extended Family Congratulate Her And Prince Harry On Their Engagement

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Have Official Photo Together Outside Kensington Palace

The extended family of Meghan Markle have congratulated her and her soon to be husband Prince Harry on their engagement.

Speaking to the the mother of Meghan’s half-siblings Roslyn Markle, has said:

That’s absolutely wonderful news.

‘I’m really happy for them and I hope they’ll be happy together and have a great life.’ Of the spring wedding date, Roslyn added: ‘That

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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Give Their First Interview About Engagement WATCH HERE

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have given their first TV wedding as a engaged couple.

The pair sat down with a camera crew for the interview where Meghan admitted that the Prince got down on one knee and asked her to marry him with a beautiful three carat engagement ring.

Meghan admitted that she couldn’t even wait for Harry to finish prompting as she said ‘can i say yes now’.

Talking about the proposal Meghan said:


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