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Springwatch Returns To BBC Two – Nicole Williams Gossip Reviews

Springwatch Returns To BBC Two - Nicole Williams Gossip Reviews

So tonight one of my favorite shows returned to BBC Two and i have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

The nature show was back with presenters Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Martin Hughes-Games and new presenter Gillian Burke along with the new presenter they have a completely new home as they have moved from Minsmere in Suffolk to National Trust’ Sherborne Park Estate in the heart of the Cotswolds.

The show started with a introduction of their new home along with the presenters showing all the new cameras what they have up at the new location.

They have a new studio what is a large t pee and we have to say it looks very very cosy.

Now time to talk about what wildlife they have and already they have barn owls, blue tits and badges and if you’re a regular to Springwatch you will know just how hard they find it to see the badgers.

We have to say we are so looking forward to the next three weeks it’s so exciting.

Nicole Reviews: IPhone 10.0.2 Update!

Nicole Reviews: IPhone 10.0.2 Update!

So after many failed attempts I managed to download the new iPhone update.

First impressions i didn’t like the update but after have a look around and flicking though the features i have to say i think it’s my favorite update!

I love how the new typing noise is better than the old one, how the apps fly to full screen  and how it now makes my phone feel like a new one when really i have had it a year lol.

Another new feature is the home button!

When you press the home button it uses your finger print just like the old way but it also logs you into the phone without having to do anything at all.

One massive changes is the notifications on the phone screen, they are much better than the old ones and are better to read.

We really do like the new update but what do you think??

Do you like it or do you prefer the older one??

Nicole Reviews: Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting

Jodie Marsh Is Going Hunting For TLC! What Could Go Wrong?

Last night on TLC aired Jodie Marsh’ latest documentary Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting.

The show was about how Jodie who is an animals love rnad completely against hunting meet up with Rachel Carrie who’s hunter most of her life.

The pair bickered and didn’t see eye to eye in the first place but coming towards the end of the show we saw an emotional side to Jodie after she joined Rachael on a deer hunt.

We thought the documentary was an eye opener and was interesting to see Jodie put out of her comfort zone.

We are with Jodie we don’t think it right for someone to kill an animal’s just so they can have a selfie and upload online but if they are killing it for food then that’s a different story but it still isn’t nice to see something die.

Jodie said at the end of the doc that she would prefer an animal to be killed in the wild that you know has had a nice life to something that has been in a cage all it’s life and just goes to an abattoir and killed.

The doc was definitely an eye opener and we did like it.

If you haven’t seen Jodie’s documentary we will definitely recommend giving it a watch.

We hope Jodie does more shows soon.