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Rita Ora To Return To X Factor UK

She was a judge on the X Factor in 2015 but then  was axed after only one series but now it’s looking like Rita Ora might return for this years series.

Rita is apparently going to be taking over Mel B who has been tipped to be back on the panel but due to her  family problems in the US it’s looking like she might have to pull out of the show.

This news comes after it was said by The Sun that Nicole Scherzinger had been axed from the popular ITV singing show as part of a massive shake up.

Nicole Scherzinger Responds To Fans After They Hit Out At Her For Not Wearing A Poppy

Nicole Scherzinger Has been slated online after she was spotted on the X Factor Sunday night not wearing a poppy.

Fans where labeling her ‘disrespectful’ for not wearing the poppy but then Nicole came forward to say that she lot the poppie while walking from her dressing room to the studio and continued to say that she has ‘utmost respect’ for the symbol of remembrance.

Taking to her Twitter account Nicole tweeted:

‘i’m always late, it fell off running to stage and replaced it as soon we could! i have the upmost respect for everything it stands for!'(sic)

Then a spokesperson for Nicole has said to the Mailonline:

‘Nicole’s poppy fell off her outfit on the walk to the stage. She was alerted during the recording and put a poppy on during the break. Nicole has been wearing a poppy over the past week including the Saturday show.’

As you can imagine Twitter erupted after they saw her on the show without the poppie but them calmed down half way thought the show when she was found to be wearing one after an app break.

Alesha Dixon Stands In For Simon Cowell As He Still Too Unwell For X Factor Results Show

With Simon Cowell still being unwell he wasnt no wear to be seen at the X Factor results show on Sunday night.

On Saturday night the producers decided to just have three judges Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh but they decided for Sunday’s show they needed another judge so to replace Simon then had Alesha Dixon.

Alicia who’s the judge on Britain’s Got Talent fitted in well sanding in for Simon and we have to say Simon should be worried as she was great.

At the start of the show host Dermot O’Leary said:

‘Sadly Simon is still not well enough to be here’

before introducing Alesha and saying:

‘how many hours notice did you get?’

To what she replied back with:

About five! I was chilling out on the couch with my daughter and I got the call.

Bless her Alesha to the rescue.

Nicole Scherzinger Has Boobs On Full Show During X Factor Results Show

Put them away.

Nicole Scherzinger had it all hanging out on the X Factor results show on Sunday night.

The singer was dressed in a off the shoulder top what left little to the imagination as you literally saw everything near enough.

Viewers where left on the edge of their seats as they where worried that she might have fallen out of that skimpy outfit what she was wearing.

X Factor Viewers Accuse Nicole Scherzinger Of Being Drunk During Final

On Sunday night it was the X Factor final and judge Nicole Scherzinger has been accused of being drunk during the live show held at Wembley arena.

It was the night that was all about winner Matt Terry who was voted winner by the viewing public but it wasn’t Matt who got people talking.

the former Pussycat Doll stumbled over her mermaid gown while walking out on to the massive stage and thankfully fellow judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, and Louis Walsh where there to catch her before she went over.

Viewers noticed that Nicole’s speech was not the best too as one person took to their Twitter account:

Watching X Factor on a delay but is Nicole smashed?I wish they didn’t get so drunk as children watch #xfactor @TheXFactor

Another said:

Nicole Scherzinger is drunk  Someone get her a coffee quick!

She didnt seem her best but she always is crazy on that show!

Nicole Scherzinger Admits Victoria Beckham Asked Her To Duet With Cruz Beckham On Next Single

Nicole Scherzinger Admits Victoria Beckham Asked Her To Duet With Cruz Beckham On Next Single

With Cruz Beckham dropping his first single this week people have been calling him the new Justin Bieber but it seems his Mum Victoria Beckham has high hopes for her song as Nicole Scherzinger has said that she has approached her to perform on his next single with him.

Nicole has said that Vicky B asked her to sing on the single and Nicole said yes.

Talking to the Sun Nicole said:

“I mean I would do a duet, she seems keen. But what, he’s how old? He’s like one year old. It would be cool. Yeah, I can do a duet with him. Maybe that will be my next thing.”

That would make his year if Nicole performed with him.