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Emily Andre Compares Herself To Meghan Markle

She going to give out advice to the new princess.

Emily Andre has compared herself to Meghan Markle and said that she would be willing to give her some advice on how to cope with fame.

The brunette has said that Meghan should not entertain negative media coverage.

She said:

“It won’t be an easy ride for her taking on such a big responsibility and having her whole life scrutinised.

“I’ve obviously experienced it on a much smaller scale and I’ve found the best way to deal with it is to try and not read the negativity.

“They seem so in love and natural with one another,”

“I wish them all the happiness together and hopefully there will be news of another royal baby soon!”.

There you go she could go to Peter Andre’s wife for info if she finds herself struggling.

Peter Andre Shares Nude Photo As He Jokes About ‘Length Of The Cucumber’

He’s a funny one.

Peter Andre has sent social media a light after he shared a photo of his wife Emily cooking in the kitchen where he placed a cucumber with two lemons at the top making it look like a mans penis.

Emily was in the kitchen preparing the vegetables for their Sunday dinner when he snapped the funny photo and shred it to his instagram account.

One fan commented on the photo and said:

‘It’s not the size of the lemons but the length of the cucumber!’

While another said:

Lol love it bit of sense of humour the position of lemons n cucumber (sic),’

Very funny.

Katie Price Admits Son Harvey Gets Upset When Princess And Junior visit Peter Andre

Katie Price Admits Son Harvey Gets Upset When Princess And Junior visit Peter Andre

Peter Andre and Katie Price’s son Harvey have always been close and Peter has even admitted that he thinks of Harvey as his own child but now Katie has admitted that the 14-year-old gets upset with his brother and sister Junior and Princess go and see their dad.

Harvey stays at home with Katie and it seems that he just want to go and see Pete as he sees him as a father figure because his dad Dwight Yorke has nothing to do with him.

Talking on Loose Women on Thursday Katie said:

“It’s not nice for Harvey.”

“Junior and Princess go and see Pete but Harvey doesn’t, and Harvey is aware of it.”

She continued:

“I’d love him to go but he doesn’t go, and he’s always aware.

“Junior and Princess go and see daddy on Thursday and Fridays and whatever but there’s nothing you can do.

“Some people stick to things, some people don’t but it’s sad when it does affect kids when they’ve got step-dads

“Not meaning that horribly – but it’s not nice for Harvey.”

That’s so sad bless him.

Peter Andre Has Finally Named Baby Two Weeks After Wife Emily MacDonagh Gave Birth

Peter Andre Has Finally Named Baby Two Weeks After Wife Emily MacDonagh Gave Birth


It’s taken more than two weeks but Pete Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh have finally named their newborn baby!

Taking to his Twitter account the signer annouced the name of their son as they have decided to call him……

Theodore James Andre

Talking to Twitter he tweeted:

Theo it is then
Theodore James Andre (a)

To be precise


The pair have really struggled to name this baby but they have picked a lovely name.

Katie Price Admits She ‘Feels Sorry’ For Ex Peter Andre As He Wont Be Having His Children This Christmas


When marriages breakup with children involved it’s hard when it comes to Christmas and other big events but now Katie Price has been opening up about this christmas admitted that she will be having Princess and Junior this year and Peter Andre their dad will miss out.

Price admitted that she ‘feels’ for Pete with his and wife Emily welcoming the birth of their new baby and it will just be the four of them instead of six.

Katie said on Loose Women Tuesday afternoon:

“I would want my kids all the time and every Christmas day but when you split it doesn’t matter what I want or what Pete wants, you’ve got to think of the kids.”

She continued:

“This year I feel bad for Pete and Emily because they just had a baby but I’ve got Junior and Princess this Christmas. They’re going to have that first Christmas without them

“But then I had to do that when I had my son Jett.”

She then said:

“I say to the kids, ‘You’re so lucky, you get two Christmas’ and two lots of presents.”

Ruth Langsford then asked Katie what would she do if the kids never wanted to go to their dad’s over the festive period and she said:

“When they get older they might say, ‘Oh I want to be with you’, but you can’t really let them make those rules so early.”

“Peter and Emily are both extremely happy. Both mother and baby are doing fine.”

It is sad but it is true they do have two christmas with their mum and their dad.

Peter Andre And Emily MacDonagh Welcome Baby Boy!


Massive congratulations are in order for Peter Andre!

Him and his wife Emily MacDonagh have welcomed a baby boy into the world on Tuesday morning.

A spokesperson for the pair has said to The Sun:

‘Peter and Emily are both extremely happy. Both mother and baby are doing fine.’

That’s simply fantastic.

Bless we can’t wait to see the little one.