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Khloe Kardashian Jokes About Her Changing Look As She Shares Another Unrecognisable Selfie

Khloe Kardashian has hit out at a troll who accused her of changing her face all the time.

The reality star last week stunned fans by sharing a new series of selfies showing off her newly dyed hair and different look.

Khloe shared another unrecognizable

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Amy Childas Admits Her Parents Called Her A FREAK Over Plastic Surgery Addiction

Amy Childs has admitted that her parents called her a freak after having plastic surgery.

Amy was appearing on ITV’s This morning on Tuesday when she admitted that she regretted having so much plastic surgery and urged other girls to not

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Holly Hagan Talks About Her Plastic Surgery And Admits ‘Awful’ Reality Of Having Cosmetic Surgery

Over the years Holly Hagan has transformed her body by having plastic surgery and working out but now it seems like she has regrets over the amount of surgery she’s had.

It was during a Instagram Q&A, when the Geordie Shore

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Love Island’s Laura Anderson Is Planning On Having 32E Boob Implants Removed After 11 Years!

All summer she was flashing her body in a bikini in the Love Island villa but now it seems Laura Anderson is planning on changing the way she looks.

Laura has said that she is thinking about having her 32E breast implants removed after having them for

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Katie Price Is Planning To Have A Designer Vagina Operation As A Gift To Toyboy Boyfriend Kris Boyson

She’s going to do everything she can to keep her man happy.

=&0=& has shocked her mum and friends as she has confessed that she is planning on having a designer vagina operation to make her private parts more tighter after having five children.

Katie has confessed that she wants to have this surgery as a gift for her new toyboy lover Kris Boyson.

Katie who has been dating Kris for only a couple of months now is going to do everything she can to make him happy even if it means going under the knife.

Talking on her reality show My Crazy Life, what is going to air on Monday she said:

‘I am telling you now, you want to watch the next series. I will be back with a vengeance, I might look different.’  To which her mother snapped: ‘No you’re not!’

She then continued:

 ‘I might, I’ve got a summer holiday, I’m going to have a change, I’m going to have some surgery.’

Hearing what her daughter was saying her mother Amy pipped up and said:

‘No, no more –

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