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Pamela Anderson Admits Porn Has Made Her “Weirder” Having Sex!


She’s know as one of the biggest sex symbols in the world but now Pamela Anderson has admitted that porn has made her “weirder” in the bedroom.

Talking on ITV’s This Morning Pamela was talking about the dark side to porn and how it affects people’s relationship, she also spoke about how the “part of the problem” from her leaked sex tape is men

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Hugh Hefner Hits Back At Claims He’s ‘Really Sick’

Hugh Hefner Hits Back At Claims He's 'Really Sick'

On Friday we told you that sourced had been reporting saying that Hugh Hefner really wasn’t in the best of health and hadnt been using his social media accounts for way over a month.

Well now Hugh has fired at the reports and said he’s just fine as he sends his first tweet in 7 weeks!

In a response to the reports Hugh said:

‘I wish the tabloids had informed me a little earlier

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Source Report Hugh Hefner Is ‘Down To Around 90 Pounds’ Due To Failing Health!

Source Report Hugh Hefner Is 'Down To Around 90 Pounds' Due To Failing Health!

Aw sad news!

It’s been reported that Hugh Hefner is in really bad health!

Hugh who hasnt been well for a while now is said to be so ill that his weight has fallen down to ’90 Pounds’.

A source has said:

“He looks like he is down to around 90 pounds and super sick. His people are really trying to keep this under wraps. You even have to sign a confidentiality

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