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Meghan Markle Deletes All Social Media Accounts

With Meghan Markle marrying into the royle family she has decided to delete all of her social media accounts.

Meghan who had a Facebook, Twitter and Insatgram account have all been taken down as the royal members are not allowed social media accounts.

The accounts where all taken down on Tuesday afternoon just four months before Meghan marrys Prince Harry.

Steve Jones Admits To Having Sex In ‘Buckingham Palace Toilets’ With Wife Phylicia

Steve Jones Admits To Having Sex In 'Buckingham Palace Toilets' With Wife Phylicia

Just talk about far too much information.

Steve Jones has admitted to the Mailonline that he and his wife Phylicia had sex in the toilets of Buckingham Palace!

Steve admitted while he was filming Through The Keyhole, that he got down and dirty in the toilets of the Royle family house after show presenter Keith Lemon asked him about the most famous house he has even been in.

Keith asked:

‘Steve, who’s the most famous house you’ve been in?’

To what Steve replied:

‘Buckingham Palace,’

Then Keith asked why he was at the palace and Jones replied:

‘For like a charity thing, I took my wife with me and we had sex in the bathroom.’

Keith then replied to Steve and asked it it was true and Steve nodded his head yes.

In the past Steve has had a string of celebrities as he has been linked to Fearne Cotton, Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson.

Phillip Schofield Meets His Match As He Interviews Prince Phillip For New ITV Show

On ITV tonight airs a program about when Phillip Schofield meet Prince Phillip and it seems Phil really meet his match while interviewing the Queen’s husband.

In the one hours special to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award the TV presenter really gets to find out about the Prince’s life and shows some unseen clips from the royal family.

In one scene Phillip told Prince Philip that he did a a wing walk to raise funds for the scheme and the Price replied:

‘Who is trying to get rid of you?’
‘Are you going to stand there on the wing and say “hello folks”? I wouldn’t open your mouth if I were you.’

A dismissive Philip then replied:

‘What am I supposed to say?’

This is going to be a good watch.

Pippa Middleton Has Been Planning Her Wedding To James Matthews! Get All The Info HERE!!

It was earlier this year when Pippa Middleton got engaged to James Matthews and now it seems they have been planning their wedding.

It’s been said by sources that they are going to tie the knot on May 20, 2017 at St. Mark’s Englefield church in Berkshire!

But what’s going to be happening on the big day well Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children are going to be very involved in the big day as another sources has said:

Princess Charlotte is going to be one of the flower girls. They’re planning for Prince George to be a page boy.”

Pippa’s mum and dad Carole and Michael, will host the reception at their home in Bucklebury where they will celebrate in their garden.

It was in September that Pippa was at Lavender Green florist in London as a source said:

“She was inside looking at bridal bouquet mockups for an hour. Very chic, very classic. Think antique, ivory, and a twist like adding lace. She hasn’t picked the final look, but it was important to explore her options before going for bridal gown fittings. She took lots of photos on her phone and was really excited. She has a folder of magazine cuttings and pictures she has taken.”

She is also very involved in planning the day as the source continued to say:

“Pippa has a specific vision and feels she’s learned enough about planning to get stuck into it herself rather than handing it all over to a planner. She doesn’t want it to be too expensive or look gaudy. Classic and elegant are two of the words she used to describe it.”

Now we know what you are thinking what is the dress going ot be like well that has been locked under lock and key because no one is going to know what that is like before the big day.

Lady Gaga Meets Prince Charles and Camilla Who Admits Her Grandchildren call her ‘Gaga’

Lady Gaga Meets Prince Charles and Camilla Who Admits Her Grandchildren call her 'Gaga'

Lady Gaga last night meet Prince Charles and Camilla at Royal Variety Performance where she admitted that she has something in common with the singer.

Camilla said that her grandchildren call her ‘Gaga’.

The grandmother of seven said to Gaga:

“My grandchildren call me Gaga,”

Gaga looked fantastic as she was dressed in a pale pink halter neck gown.

Holly Willoughby Poses For A Selfie With The Queen During Behind-The-Scenes Snap From This Morning

Holly Willoughby Poses For A Selfie With The Queen During Behind-The-Scenes Snap From This Morning

Holly Willoughby has sent Instagram followers crazy as she posed for a selfie with the Queen during a backstage snap at This Morning.

Holly shared the snap on her Instagram page and her fans actually thought it was the queen when really it was the waxwork from Madam Tussauds.

Holly looked really happy as she posed with the waxwork as it was wearing a christmas jumper with a corgi on the front.

Along with the snap she said:

‘Favourite selfie!!! #savethechildren #christmasjumperday xxx’

Fans started to comment asking if it was actually the queen until she revealed on the show that it was a waxwork.