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Woman mauld By Tiger In Zoo Horrific Images Captured

A zookeeper has been mauled by a Siberian tiger she cared for.

Visitors and other zoo staff threw objects at the tiger to try and get it away from the defenceless women and thankfully it worked as the keeper working for Kaliningrad Zoo in Russia was badly mauled but was rushed to hospital is expected to survive.

So scary.

Holly Willoughby Won’t Use Her Own Toilet In Her House As She’s Convinced It Was Haunted

She’e such a scardy cat.

Holly Willoughby has opened up about her biggest fear of her life as she is convinced that her toilet in her house is haunted after watching a spooky film.

Holly confessed that after she watched Woman in Black she wouldnt leave the house by herself and had to take husband Dan Baldwin with her.

Talking to the Mirror she said:

“I was so scared I had to leave the house. It was daytime, too.

“We’d been to see the Woman in Black, me and Dan. Where we lived at the time there was only a bathroom upstairs.

She continied

“I came downstairs to say goodbye to him as he was going to work. I was in my pyjamas and he went. I looked upstairs and thought, ‘I can’t go up there in case she’s up there.’

“I needed the loo. The only way I could do it was to go to the dirty laundry washing bin in the kitchen, put on filthy clothes and drive to Sainsbury’s, which was where the nearest toilet was.”

Wow going to a supermarket to go to the toilet when you have one up staris she must have been super scared.


Former Coronation Street Star Debbie Arnold Talks About The ‘Sex Trap’ Michael Winner Go Her Into

Today on This Morning two actresses appeared on the shot to talk about how Michael Winner lured them into his ‘sex trap’ after he invited them for a acting interview when they were aspiring young actresses.

Former Coronation Street and Eastenders star Debbie Arnold appeared on the ITV show on Tuesday morning where she talked about what Michael asked her to do during the interview.

Debbie said:

“I was so excited he wanted to meet me.

“I couldn’t wait to see him, I spent hours tarting myself up and it was such a shock to be spoken to in that way.

“I went to his home, which was not unusual, as I’d done a film with Ken Russell where I met him in his house.

She then continued:

“But he then told me to, ‘Go over there by the window, I’d like to see you in the light.’ Again, I didn’t think it was unusual.

“He then said, ‘Now I’d like you to take off your top and your bra off and massage your breasts’.

“I was like, ‘Sorry?’ I thought it was joke, but he asked me again three times.

“I was in my early 20s and I knew what to expect, but I didn’t expect this. I went over to his desk and very rudely told him where to put it.

“He said, ‘I’m going to report you to your agent and equity’, so I then ran to a phone box, phoned my mum who was my agent and he’d already rang her.

it must have been so awful for the to go through something like this.

Celebrity Photographer Terry Richardson Gets ‘Banned’ From Working With Major Fashion Magazines

Celebrity Photographer Terry Richardson Gets 'Banned' From Working With Major Fashion Magazines

He’s photographed the likes of Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Miley Cyrus and more and more but it seems like work is going to come to an ed for Terry Richardson.

It’s been annouced that major magazines like Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair have all stopped working with Terry after sexual harassment claims have resurfaced again.

Terry has been subject of widespread allegations of sexually abusing models over his career to what he has denied.

Richardson who is known for his raunchy photoshoots where he snapped celebrities stripping off naked and posing for photos.

The top magazines have  been told to ‘kill’ any scheduled shoots with the photographer by parent group Condé Nast International.

We shall keep you posted on this story.

Two Men Arrested After ‘Machete Incident’ Outside Justin Bieber Concert In Cardiff

Justin Bieber

Tonight two men have been arrested in cardiff after they where spotted with machete’s outside a Justin Bieber concert.

Video’s have been shared online of police officers wrestling the men to the floor and arresting them just 500 yards from the entrance to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

One of the policemen were seen having the weapon in their hands after the wristen them to the floor as he took it away according to sources.

No one has been hurt thanfuly and police have said that they dont think it’s not linked to the Justin Bieber concert.

We will keep you posted on this story.

Police And Security Swarm Southend Over Bank Holiday Weekend Just Days After Manchester Terror Attacks

Police And Security Swarm Southend Over Bank Holiday Weekend Just Days After Manchester Terror Attacks

Over the bank holiday weekend Police and security officers where wondering around Southend in their numbers as they intend to cut terror threats.

The security where wondering around the Adventure Island theme park while the police where walking along the sea front where they had a mobile police office.

This comes just days after the Manchester terror attacks where 22 people lost their lives at a Ariana Grande concert at M.E.N Arena.

45-year-old Debra from Essex said:

“It’s good to see the security and police patrolling the area at these times it really does make me feel at ease.”

We have to say we agree with Debra it’s fantastic that the police and security are out making sure that nothing suspicious is going on.