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Chris Hughes And Katie price Spotted Hugging Feud Out!

It seems the Chris Hughes and Katie Price drama might all be over as over the weekend Katie was spotted hugging Chris looking like they had made up over the feud they had going on.

The pair where at a football match in Cheltenham, where Chris was playing Sellebrity Soccer, and Katie was there with her children.

Katie and Chris where then spotted cuddling the row out and putting in behind them.

So glad that’s over.

Taylor Swift Gets A Bigger Super Super Bowl Deal Than Lady Gaga

Taylor Swift Gets A Bigger Super Super Bowl Deal Than Lady Gaga

The other week we where all super excited to find out after it had been rumored for week’s that Lady Gaga will be performing at the next year’s Super Bowl in February.

Now we have just learnt that it won’t only be Gaga performing as Taylor Swift will be too but it seems she has been given a bigger deal than Gaga.

Swift will be celebrating the Big Game a day early all thanks to AT&T DIRECTV Super Saturday Night!

Gaga’s performance will bring in a bigger audience because she would have not long dropped her new album so people will be wanting to see her perform songs from that.

AT&T Entertainment Group CEO John Stankey confirmed that Taylor will be performing as he said:

“We’re thrilled to reach a deal to bring Taylor and her unique talents to her fans and our customers in new and exclusive ways. We’ve thrilled attendees during the Big Game weekend for the last 11 years with A-list parties and the hottest performing music artists around, so 2017 will be our very best. We’re excited to get event tickets into the hands of Taylor’s fans and exclusive content from the event to our customers and celebrate the combination of one of the world’s biggest artists with one of the world’s biggest sporting events.”

Taylor hasn’t confirmed if she takes up the offer but she would be mad not too.