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Scotty T Has Stephen Bear’s Face Tattooed On His Bottom On Just Tattoo Of Us


Scotty T has had a MASSIVE shock on Just Tattoo Of Us after he had a photo of previous host Stephen Bear tattooed on his bottom.

Scotty has taken over the role s host of the show alongside Charlotte Crosby as he took over from Bear who was sacked from the MTV show after his relationship ended.

Viewers just could not believe their eyes when they saw the new tattoo and we have to say we are simply shocked.

Have a look at the photo of the ink above.

Zayn Malik Celebrates Breakup From Girlfriend Gigi Hadid With New Tattoo On His HEAD!!!!

Most people cry into a pillow after they split up from their boyfriend or girlfriend but not Zayn Malik.

it was at the start of this week that Zayn announces that he had split from his girlfriend of two years Gigi Hadid and now he has decided to go out and get a new tattoo on his head.

The former One Direction singer decided to have a follower on the back of his head and he proudly showed it off on Instagram on Friday evening.

Sadly his Instagram followers didn’t take much to the new ink as some of them thought that he had a ‘rattail’ on the back of his head.

What do you think of Zayn’s new ink??

Kieran Hayler To Have Katie Price’s Name Tattooed On His Leg

They are currently not together as Katie Price split from Kieran Hayler after she found out he had been chatting for the second time.

Now it’s been said that Kieran is planning on having his wife’s name tattooed on his leg just under his portrait of his former wife.

Kieran has said that he is planning on having the ink in a bid to win his former wife back.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Kieran already has a tattoo of Katie on his leg, but he thinks that having her name tattooed on his chest – exactly where his heart is – will prove to her that he’s in the marriage for the long run,”

“He’s planning the gesture as a Christmas present – something to surprise Katie with.

“He’s telling friends that he wants to have Katie’s name – or ‘Kate’, as he calls her – and the kids names tattooed on him too.

“He wants to win Katie back and prove she can trust him again.”

What do you thin??

Jeremy McConnell Gets New Tattoo Of Nun Snorting White Powder

Jeremy McConnell has shared a photo of his new tattoo and we have to say it’s controversial.

The tattooed model has a new tattoo of a nun snorting a white powder and he’s had it as a cover up on his leg.

Along with the photo Jeremy said:

“Sister white,”

Jeremy had a skull tattoo on his leg but decided that he no longer wanted it so he decided to cover it up with the new inking.

Have a look at the tattoo below.

This Morning Viewers Left Divided Over Children With Tattoo Sleves

This Morning Viewers Left Divided Over Children With Tattoo Sleves

On Thursday on This Morning two mums appeared on the show with their children who both have fake tattoo sleeves to be like their mums.

The mums and their children where being interviewed by show presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford as they learnt more about the latest craze.

Mother Nikki was interviewed with young daughter Tiana, who confessed she likes getting the designs done so she can be like her mummy.

Tiana said:

 “I wanted a tattoo because my mum’s look really pretty.”

Viewers to the show where left divided by the tattoo as some people have said that it was just a bit of fun and some others couldn’t be more divided.

Holly Hagan Is Having Her Ex Boyfriend’s Face Tattoo Removed From Back Of Her Neck Live On This Morning!

Holly Hagan Is Having Her Ex Boyfriend's Face Tattoo Removed From Back Of Her Neck Live On This Morning!

It was a press warm when Holly Hagan appeared on Just Tattoo Of Us on MTV and was shocked when her boyfriend Kyle Christie had a photo of himself tattooed on the back of her neck.

Now the former Geordie Shore star has decided to have the ink removed from her neck as she had some treatment on ITV’s This Morning.

Holly was on the show on Monday where they had a doctor to remove the tattoo as she has been having laser to get rid of the eye saw.

Holly admitted that she was “ in absolute agony” and admitted that she would never “have another tattoo” because she was in so much pain.


Holly Hagan Is Having Her Ex Boyfriend's Face Tattoo Removed From Back Of Her Neck Live On This Morning!