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Pete Wicks Has ‘Turned Into A Recluse’ After Split From Megan McKenna

It seems the slit really ahs came hard for Pete Wicks.

The TOWIE star is said to have ‘turned into a recluse’ after he split from Megan McKenna after he found out that she had been ‘sleeping’ with her ex boyfriend Harry Eden.

It’s been said that Pete is ‘hardly speaking to his TOWIE co stars’ and just wants to be by himself at the moment as he moves on with single life.

An insider has said:

“When the

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TOWIE’s Bobby Norris Hits Back At Trolls Over His Plastic Surgery

It was on Wednesday when Bobby Norris showed off his new nose on The Only Way Is Essex causing viewers to question and some take the mickey out of how much plastic surgery he has had done.

Now Bobby has lashed out online and decided to put the trolls in their place.

Bobby confirmed in an Instagram video that he had only had a nose job and not lots of plastic surgery what people are making out.

In the video he said:


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Megan McKenna Slept with Her Ex As The Real Reason Behind Her Split With Pete Wicks Is Revealed

Wow we didn’t see this coming.

Pete Wicks has confirmed that Megan McKenna did sleep with her ex boyfriend behind his back but it was when they where on a break.

During a preview of Sunday night’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex viewers saw Pete sit Megan down and confront her.

Pete said to Megan:

“Last time we split up she slept with him then.”

Megan replied back:

“I don’t feel like I’ve done anything

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TOWIE Viewers Left Shocked At Bobby Norris New Face!

He recently jetted to Turkey to have a nose job but it seems Bobby Norris might have gone too far with changing his appearance.

Bobby has came under fire on Wednesday night after he debuted his new look on The Only Way Is Essex after going under the knife.

Viewers where left shocked at his new face and Twitter was filed with comments as they compared Bobby to The Human Ken Doll and Kris Jenner.

Bobby has spoken about his feeling to the way he

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Megan McKenna Is Going To Take A Break From TOWIE To Focus On Her Music

Megan McKenna Is Going To Take A Break From TOWIE To Focus On Her Music

This year has been a big year for Megan McKenna and her music career as she was finally given a life long dream and was handed a record deal.

Now with TOWIE taking lots of her time up with filming she has decided to take a break from the reality show to focus on her tunes.

The sun has reported that Megan will no longer be filming with the ITV2 film crews for the show.

A source has said to the newspaper publication:

Megan is reducing her hours

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James ‘Arg’ Argent And Gemma Collins Confirm That They ‘Still Mean A Lot To Each Other As They Film TOWIE Together

They had one of the biggest relationships in The Only Way Is Essex history but now that they have been apart for a while Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent have confessed that they still have feelings for one and other.

The pair have put their differences aside as they filmed scenes for TOWIE together and on the reality show they both confessed their feelings.

A source has said to The Sun:

‘The entire cast want Gemma and Arg

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