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Harry Styles Stops Mid Concert After Fan Has Panic Attack In Crowd

Harry Styles has been forced to cancel his concert mid way though after he noticed a fan was having a panic attack in the crowd.

Harry was performing live at the Eventim Apollo on Sunday night during a part of his solo world tour when the girl started having problems.

Harry stopped mid performance and shouted out:

“Is everyone OK? You still with me? Do you want to help her up? If everyone could give her some space. If everyone could chill for one second, we’ll get some people.”

The girl was them pulled over the barrier and treated by a medical team who where are the venue.

The girl in question using the Twitter name of @alienwhiteside tweeted:

“Harry Styles stopped his entire show because I got crushed and then watched me being pulled over the barrier…

“That was one of the most horrendous panic attack’s I’ve ever had like even the medics were terrified of the state I was in … Harry is so f***ing pure I can’t believe it …

“I was literally in the worst state that all I remember was Harry looking at me (sic)”

He’s so kind and thoughtful.

Good for you Harry.

Ed Sheeran Fans Go Crazy Over Ticket Site Where They Can Still Get Concert Tickets!

Ed Sheeran Fans Go Crazy Over Ticket Site Where They Can Still Get Concert Tickets!

Just under a couple of weeks ago Ed Sheeran released tickets for his upcoming uk Tour and you could say it went crazy.

Lots and lots of fans where left heartbroken after they where left not being able to get tickets mainly due to these people buying lots of tickets to sell on at madness prices but there still is a glimmer of hope for die hard Ed fans.

A website called Twickets has been selling tickets where fans sell their unwanted tickets allowing people to buy them at face value.

Fans have been on the site for days now trying to get the tickets and some are losing hope but we got our tickets from that site so we can say that if you keep on refreshing the site then you will get some.

On the site they have tickets for all of the London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Nottingham dates.

Lady Gaga Announces Joanne World Tour And She’s Coming To London In October!

It’s the news Little Monsters have been waiting for an it’s finally.

Lady Gaga has annouced that she is going on Tour in the UK in the winter and every one is going mad.

Gaga will tour London on October 3rd 2017 for one show at the moment at the o2 arena and will also tour Manchester and Birmingham.

Gaga will bring her Joanne World Tour to the UK little monsters as this is the first time she has toured in over two years.

It was on Sunday that Gaga annouced the world tour just after her massive Super Bowl performance last night.

The Queen on pop broke the news to her many fans on Twitter by sharing a GIF of her with glasses on what flashed up Gaga.

This will be Gaga’s sixth tour in just under a decade.

This is simply massive and if you want to get your hands on the tickets you can this week!

Pre-sale tickets go on sale this Wednesday and general release tickets are up for grabs on Friday at 9AM.

Lady Gaga To Announce Joanne Tour Next Week!


Lady Gaga is going to have some big news for her Little Monsters next week as she is going to announce her Joanne tour.

The singer who has not toured in over two years will give all the information on the tour next week and we have to say we are super excited about this news.

Nothing from Gaga has been said about the tour but sources very close to her have said:

 “Lady Gaga is announcing the Joanne tour next week. This is not official yet, but we thought we’d let you know so you guys are ready to snatch the tickets”

This is amazing news and dont forget to keep checking back to to see more info when we have it.

Justin Bieber Talks Being Single U.S. Stadium Tour And Dating Apps On The Ellen Show


Everyone hold you breath Justin Bieber is a single pringle.

The singer has been talking about his relationship status on The Ellen Show when he said that he is single and he may have been using dating sites to find himself a nice lady even though he’s “not looking.”

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres‘ on Monday the hit maker also spoke about his U.S. stadium tour but talking about his love life he said:

“I am not dating anybody. Single. I’m not really looking either.”

Catch his interview in the video section below.

Little Mix To Get Their Own Reality Show!

Little Mix To Get Their Own Reality Show!

Little Mix are set to have their own reality show in 2017 where fans will be able to see exactly what happens in their lives and it’s been said that it will be a tell and show all” TV documentary.

The girls who are currently working on the show are looking to land a deal with UK broadcasters to air the show.

Insiders have said that Syco Music has offered an “intimate look” into the live and will show them on tour in the US and Europe, then head home next year.

The show may also feature the relationship of Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche what ended last month.

Talking about the show Jesy said:

“We are in talks at the moment. We really want to do a ­documentary as we feel people do not know much about us.

“They know our songs and have seen us perform but they don’t know our personalities, so we would love to do a documentary.

“We want to get someone to follow us around on this whole tour for a whole year.”

Leigh Ann Pinnock then continued to speak about the show as she said:

“Maybe we are saying this now but when it comes to it and the camera is being rammed in our faces we will be like, ‘Leave us alone’.”

“And the drama. There is always drama in our lives.

This will be fascinating to watch and will be good to see exactly what happens in the life of the Little Mix girls.