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Andrea McLean Admits Guest Nearly Stopped Her Wedding To Nick Feeney

Andrea McLean Admits Guest Nearly Stopped Her Wedding To Nick Feeney

She got married last week but now Andrea McLean has confessed that it nearly didn’t happen after someone jokingly ‘objected’ during their vowels.

Andrea who returned to Loose Women on Thursday afternoon after a week off decided to speak about her wedding as she said:

‘The vows nearly never happened because when it got to that bit “does anyone here know any reason?” [Nicky] went “Well, actually”.

‘We laughed and the lady went “Stop the wedding!” The whole thing ground to a halt!’

She then continued to say:

‘[The officiator] said “this is a legal binding ceremony and you have just said that there is a reason why these two should not”.

‘And [Nicky] was going, “No, no, no I was only joking!”

She went on to say:

“I don’t care if you were only joking. This whole thing could be cancelled right now”.

‘We all sort of stopped and looked at each other and she said “but I’ll let you carry on. Carry on”.

‘It was one of those things that the bigger the disaster you survive, the funnier it is later. Now it’s hilarious!’


Serena Williams Flashes MASSIVE Wedding Ring In New Baby Snap

Serena Williams Flashes MASSIVE Wedding Ring In New Baby Snap

She only got married last week but ti hasnt taken Serena Williams long to flash her massive wedding ring.

Serena took to her Instagram account Wednesday evening where she shared a photo of her new born baby Alexis and she couldnt help but get her hugh wedding and engagement ring in the snap too.

Along with the photo Williams shared:

‘Daddy knows how much I love leopard print,’

The ring and the baby are beautiful.

We have major ring envy right now.

Vicky Pattison Has Signed Up To Say Yes To The Dress

With Vicky Pattison getting engaged this year to her boyfriend John Noble thoughts have turned to the wedding but now it’s looking like we might be able to watch the preparations and the wedding on our TV screens.

It’s been reported that Vicky has signed up to appear on Say Yes To The Dress and has demarnded a whopping TWO dresses.

Vicky will be shopping for dresses with wedding dress designer David Emanuel, who also hosts the show as he will try and find her the best dress or dresses shall we say.

Vicky has spoken about appearing on the show as she said to MTV.

“I’m such a big fan of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and have been watching obsessively on TLC,”

“I really can’t wait to meet David Emanuel and try on some gorgeous wedding dresses,”

Super exciting suff and we are so looking forward to watching this episode.

Love Island Jessica Shears And Dom Leaver Talk Weddings

They only meet in the summer but have already got engaged but no they have been talking about marriage.

Jessica Shears and Dom Leaver have spoken to the mirror about how they are going to get married hopefully next September and they want to get married abroad.

Speaking to the Mirror the pair said:

“It was a couple of weeks after I got out.

“Everyone said, ‘Wait ’til you’re out and see how it is’, but when I got out I spent every single minute of everyday with her and I was just like, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with her’.

“I don’t regret it at all. We spend so much time together.”

Jess then said:

 “It’s sickening; usually the honeymoon period is over very quickly but we do everything together. I can’t go to Asda without him!”

Bless love’s young dream.

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