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Louis Walsh QUIT’s X Factor After 13 Years

He’s been on the show since the very beginning but it seems that Louis Walsh has decided to quit.

It was on Thursday afternoon when he decided to break the news that he no longer wanted to be apart of the show.

In a statement Louis said:

‘I’ve had a fantastic 13 years on The X Factor but the show needs a change and I’m ready to leave.’

He cotniuned to say:

‘I’m looking forward to another series of Ireland’s Got Talent, going back to my day job as a manager, writing my memoirs and seeing the world!’

Louis might not be working on the X Factor but he is continuing to work with Syco and on Ireland’s Got Talent, which returns in 2019.

He will be missed.

Rita Ora To Return To X Factor UK

She was a judge on the X Factor in 2015 but then  was axed after only one series but now it’s looking like Rita Ora might return for this years series.

Rita is apparently going to be taking over Mel B who has been tipped to be back on the panel but due to her  family problems in the US it’s looking like she might have to pull out of the show.

This news comes after it was said by The Sun that Nicole Scherzinger had been axed from the popular ITV singing show as part of a massive shake up.

Cheryl Tells Simon Cowell She Wont Return To The X Factor If Louis Walsh Is On The Show!

Cheryl Tells Simon Cowell She Wont Return To The X Factor If Louis Walsh Is On The Show!

Wow the beef.

Cheryl Tweedy has said that she will not be returning to the X Factor if Louis Walsh is still on the judging panel.

Cheryl who has had her ups and downs with the music mogul seems like she just can’t forgive her falling outs with Louis and will not be on the show if he is.

A source has said:

“She called Simon and said she wasn’t sure she could return to the show if Louis or Sinitta were hired.

“Simon now feels stuck in the middle and he said her X Factor role could be in jeopardy.

“Cheryl used to be able to pull all the strings with Simon but that sparkle has fizzled out…”

We be he feels stuck in the middle.

The question is who will he pick Cheryl or Louis?

Who would you have on the judging pannel??

Sharon Osbourne Says F World Live On TV After She Loses Two Acts

Viewers to the X Factor have been left shocked after Sharon Osbourne dropped an F Bomb after two of her acts got voted out of the competition on Sunday evening.

The minute the results where annouced the camera panned to Sharon but we bet they wish they hadn’t after she muttered the f world after she heard the results.

Twitter erupted after the clip was shown as they just couldnt believe that she had said the word on live television.

We have to say we agree as it was a bit of a shock.

Nicole Scherzinger Responds To Fans After They Hit Out At Her For Not Wearing A Poppy

Nicole Scherzinger Has been slated online after she was spotted on the X Factor Sunday night not wearing a poppy.

Fans where labeling her ‘disrespectful’ for not wearing the poppy but then Nicole came forward to say that she lot the poppie while walking from her dressing room to the studio and continued to say that she has ‘utmost respect’ for the symbol of remembrance.

Taking to her Twitter account Nicole tweeted:

‘i’m always late, it fell off running to stage and replaced it as soon we could! i have the upmost respect for everything it stands for!'(sic)

Then a spokesperson for Nicole has said to the Mailonline:

‘Nicole’s poppy fell off her outfit on the walk to the stage. She was alerted during the recording and put a poppy on during the break. Nicole has been wearing a poppy over the past week including the Saturday show.’

As you can imagine Twitter erupted after they saw her on the show without the poppie but them calmed down half way thought the show when she was found to be wearing one after an app break.

Chloe Khan Puts Simon Cowell’s Face On Her Body In Funny Instagram Post

Chloe Khan Puts Simon Cowell’s Face On Her Body In Funny Instagram Post

It was in 2010 when Chloe Khan was on the X Factor but it seems like she might want to go back as she has shared a funny snap on Instagram.

The brunette beauty shared a photo of Simon Cowell’s head pasted on her body dressed in underwear.

Sharing the photo to her Instagram page she captioned the photo with:

 “BEEN DYING TO TELL YOU THIS !!! Saturday night during #thexfactor all will be revealed . #CHLOEvsCOWELL any guesses ?”

Such a funny photo.