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Colchester Zoo’s Most Famous Orangutan Rajan Has Passed Away!

Today is a very sad day as Colchester Zoo have announced their one of their most loved animals Rajan the orangutan has sadly passed away.

Rajan’s health was slowly going down hill over a number of months as he suffered from extremely bad arthritis and the staff decided to put him to sleep.

The lovely orangutan who has been at the zoo since 1980 was 50 years-old- and loved interacting with members of the public thought the glass and he made the press world wide on a number of occasions with his love for pregnant womens bellies and tattoos.

Colchester zoo relesed a stateent and have said:

“We are aware that there are many visitors that have grown up knowing Rajang and who visited him regularly. To ensure we capture all of your beautiful memories we are going to site a special book at Orangutan Forest where we kindly ask you to write your fondest memories of Rajang.Rajang has been one of the most amazing ambassadors for his species which is so vitally important especially right now with the effect of deforestation which is reducing the number of orangutans in the wild.Sleep tight Rajang, you will be missed but never forgotten”.

Zoo Boss Speaks Out Over BBC’s Trouble At The Zoo Documentary

We told you earlier about the BBC Two documentary what aired on Thursday evening called Trouble At The Zoo what showed how South Lakes Zoo In Cumbria is turning around after they where named the ‘wrost’ zoo in the UK after 500 of their animals died in four years.

Now Zoo boss Karen Brewer has spoken out about how she feels about the documentry.

Karen said:

“We wanted to show that working with animals and running a complex business is emotional and is difficult and I felt the programme did capture that, and that we’re all human,”

“When we invited them in the whole idea was to be open and transparent, to show who we are now, and that we don’t want to hide behind anything,”

Our whole ethos is to be open and transparent but also for everybody to have a voice and that’s a really big change for us since we took over the running of the zoo,”

She continued to say:

“We know we need to make changes but they can only happen if the finances are there.

“Animal welfare has to be the priority and at the same time we have to make sure that we can sustain things.

“Really good decisions like reducing the animal numbers; that might sound alarming to say we are reducing it by 30 per cent but these are the real decisions behind the scenes that we have to make every day and we wanted people to see that.”

Viewers Ask For UK Zoo To Be Closed Down Over BBC Documentary Trouble At The Zoo

Viewers have called for South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria to be closed down after a documentary aired on Thursday evening called Trouble At The Zoo.

The BBC 2 doc showed how UK’s ‘worst’ zoo what had a whopping 500 animals pass away in just under four years and in the six months that the BBC show was filmed three animals also passed away including a african lion what was poisoned by contaminated meat.

Not only did the lion died during the film two red panda cubs passed away with one of them actually being found by one of the keepers while filming took place.

Taking to Twitter one viewer shared:

Appalled at #TroubleAtTheZoo the staff clearly have no idea. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”  is she for real. The zoo is clearly broken and failing the animals. Prioritising money over welfare. Poor animals

While another said:

‘Anyone else feel uncomfortable with how much the lion keeper was smiling talking about her lion being poisoned? #TroubleAtTheZoo’

And another said:

South Lakes Zoo should’ve closed down years ago. The ‘board’ have zero interest in the wellbeing of the animals (aside from Andreas). Heartbreaking to watch #TroubleAtTheZoo

Scrolling though Twitter while the show was airing it is hard to find one good tweet about South Lakes.

Zookeeper Killed At UK Zoo By Tiger It’s Been Confirmed!

Zookeeper Killed At UK Zoo By Tiger It's Been Confirmed!

All day there have been reports flying around after it was reported that a ‘major incident’ had happened at Hamerton Zoo Park but now it’s been confirmed that a zookeeper was killed by a tiger at the zoo on Monday morning.

Police where called to the Zoo in Steeple Gidding near Huntingdon at around 11.15am after someone who worked at the zoo reported the incident.

It’s been confirmed that a female keeper was killed but the press have been reassured that at no time the tiger didnt leave it’s enclosure.

Police quickly confirmed that no animals have escaped and members of the public are safe.

We will keep you posted on this story.

The Secret Life of The Zoo Is Returning To TV Screens – YAYYY!!

The Secret Life of The Zoo Is Returning To TV Screens - YAYYY!!

It’s the lovely series what see’s the daily life of the zoo keepers and animals at Chester Zoo but now the new series of The Secret Life of The Zoo is about to return.

This is the second series of the show what see’s exactly how the zoo is run on a daily basis and shows viewers how caring for so many animals takes it’s tole.

The footage what captured the lives of their 20,000 animals will return to Channel 4 on Thursday 17 November at 8pm.

London Zoo Escaped Gorilla Helped Himself To Blackcurrant Squash While On The Loose

Born Free Want 'Urgent Inquiry' Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

It was a week ago that naughty gorilla Kumbuka, broke out of his enclosure at London Zoo but got into a keeper only zone.

Now we have learnt that Kumbuka helped himself to blackcurrant squash while he was on the run.

Now Prof David Field has written a report about him escaping and his findings have said that it was not as serious as people though.

He said:

“There were no broken locks, Kumbuka did not smash any windows, he was never ‘on the loose’ and his normal gorilla posturing reported by visitors earlier in the day was unrelated.”

Kumbuka found a opened door that was not locked just after feeding time at 17:00 BST last Thursday.

A keeper managed to talk to Kumbuka and got him to safety.

He then went into anothe rpart of the enclosure and helped himself to five liters of blackcurrant squash lol.

Bless him we have to say this did make us chuckle today.