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Marnie Simpson Admits She Filmed Sex Tape With Former Boyfriend But Was Disappointed When Watching It Back

Marnie Simpson has confessed that she filmed a sex tape with a fomrer flame but was really diaspointed when she watched it back.

Marnie filmed the video when she was with one of her ex boyfriends but declined to annouce who it was.

She said to The Sun:

 “I’ve tried to make a personal sex tape with a boyfriend and it didn’t turn out that good.

“I think when I watched it back I was really embarrassed at how I looked, so I never, ever did it again.

“I think sex tapes are supposed to be sexy and I just didn’t look sexy.”

Marnie has previously dated TOWIE’s Lewis Bloor and fellow Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers and now is happy in love with Casey Johnson.


Aaron Chalmers QUITS Geordie Shore After Four Years

Aaron Chalmers QUITS Geordie Shore After Four Years

Aaron Chalmers has decided to leave Geordie Shore After Four Years of being on the MTV reality show.

Aaron started on the show back in 2014 but now has left to become a professional boxer and is going to be appearing on another MTV show.

A source has said:

 “Nothing confirmed yet. MTV have not decided what show Aaron will be moving forward on.”

We shall let ou know when we know what show he will be appearing on.

Geordie Shore Cast Drink “Water” Out Of “Shot Glasses” And “Pretend To Be Drunk” While Filming

It’s all coming out now.

Fans of Geordie Shore have taken to Twitter to lash out at the show as they say that the producers ordered the cast “six shot glasses of water” and they went on to say that they “pretend to be drunk” on the show too.

A number of fans took to Twitter to shared about what happened during a recent filming session at Flortia’s night club in Newcastle.

One person tweeted:

“The Geordie Shore producer went up to the bar the other night and ordered them 6 shots of water😰😰😭😂 amazing😰😰😂”

Another said:

 “Producer to the bar lad ‘6 shots with water in’…

“Geordie Shore scripted or what WEY AYEEE i’ve seen it all x”.

Now insiders have came forward and hinted that the show is fixed as they said that the cast play drunk as they said to The Sun:

“Geordie Shore is portrayed like they get hammered every night, but some nights they just go out and drink water which they make look like vodka.

“While they where filming series 16 in Flortia’s night club the other night, a producer was heard going to the bar and order 6 shot glasses of water!”
“This has been going on for a few series now… even in the days when Holly Hagan was involved.”

If this is true then why did Aaron Chalmers quit? He left the show because he was fed up of all the drinking all the time.

Maybe he meant water lol.

Jodie Marsh Hits Out At Geordie Shore stars Scotty T and Aaron Chalmers As She Thinks They Think Women Are Only For Sex

Jodie Marsh has hit out at two of the Geordie Shore boys after she feels that they only think of women for sex.

The busty TV personality caused a Twitter rant with the boys Aaron Chalmers and Scotty T as she labelled them ‘vile’.

Talking to Star magazine she said:

‘The way Scott and Aaron speaking about women is worrying – it’s derogatory. Donald Trump is vile, but these boys are worse.

‘They make it seem like it’s OK to verbally abuse women and suggest that they’re only good for sex.’

 This comes after Jodie caused trouble on social media after she spoke about Chloe Ferry’s behaviour when she was leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house.
Writing on social media she said:
‘On a serious note, I think people have finally realised it’s NOT actually cool to have sex on TV (unless you’re a porn star)….
She continued:

‘It’s also not cool to be so drunk that you wet yourself on TV, projectile vomit on TV or crawl around naked & dribbling on TV….’

‘And as someone who in the past has done a fair few embarrassing things on TV, you know it’s not cool when even I can’t watch it’

‘RIP Geordie Shore, Love Island & Ex On the Beach. You had a good run but your time is up. The public have spoken & they want classy!’

Now Aaron has spoken to Mailonline and called Jodie a “hypocrite” and accused her of marrying for money as he said:

‘I just thought – you are a f**king hypocrite because all you ever do is talk about bullying.

‘That tweet was vicious, it was like a troll. How the f**k can you call reality stars that when you’ve done shows being a bodybuilder, a tattooist and you’ve even got married on TV for money!

He continued:

‘As soon as I tweeted her she blocked me and carried on tweeting. When someone tells her the truth she can’t handle it.’

We have to say we agree with Jodie but we also agree with Aaron but whose side are you on??

Lauren Pope And Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers Have Been Dating For Months

It seems there has been a big celebrity relationship going on for a while.

Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers and Lauren Pope have been dating for a while.

The pair have been said to have been going public with their relationship last week after they where spotted together at London’s Winter Wonderland.

The Sun has reported:

‘It was a very romantic date, they were holding hands through out.

‘They looked completely loved up and really enjoyed the day out.’

Will they spend Christmas together??

Marnie Simpson Shares A Bath With Former Boyfriend Aaron Chalmers In New Series Of Geordie Shore


She may be very much loved with with Lewis Bloor at the moment but that never stopped Marnie Simpson from enjoying a bath with her former flame Aaron Chalmers while she was in the Geordie Shore house and dating Aaron.

In scenes shown last night from the reality show it showed Aaron who had hurt his ankle getting into the bath while a naked Marnie jumped in with him as she decided to wash his back.

There was not much room for them both in the tub but they soon squeezed into the villa bath in Ayia Napa.

In other scenes from Tuesday nights show is showed Aaron and Marnie having a lot of sex and we mean a lot lol.

We bet Lewis is not a fan of watching Geordie Shore now.