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Coronation Street Viewers Left In Tears Over David Platt Rape Scenes

During tonight’s episode of Coronation Street viewers have been left in tears after they saw the aftermath of David Platt’s rape scenes.

It was on Friday nights episode when Corrie showed scenes of David being dragged to the bedroom by Josh Tucker and raped.

On tonight’s episode it showed David sittin in the shower and taking his clothes and putting them in a rubbish bag and throwing them away.

Then after walking back into the house Josh was in his living room chatting away to his mother Gail Platt like nothing had happened.

Viewers were left in tears over these screens as one person shared:

 “Omg #CoronationStreet tonight got me like @RClayton92 @JackPShepherd88 epic acting on both parts! Never felt sorry 4 David platt in my life like I did tonight #l”

Another said:

“I have so much respect for coronation street for creating this storyline and showing men can be victims of abuse too.”

Amanda Bynes To Return To Acting And TV After Lots Of Offer Flood In

She’s been out of the  public eye for a few years now after a stint in rehab but now it looks like Amanda Bynes is going to be returning to our TV screens after she has been offered lots of acting roles.

It’s been said that the returned actress has been ‘doing really well’ and is going to be returning to the spotlight next year.

Bynes lawyer has told Page Six:

‘She has had several offers but is waiting for the right one to come along for a comeback.’

This news comes after at the start of this month is was said that Bynes wasn’t able to get meetings with producers let alone acting roles.

Lets hope this is the break she needs.

Helen Flanagan Hits Back At Coronation Street Viewers Who Have Branded Her The ‘Worst Actress Ever

You go girl.

Helen Flanagan made her return to Coronation Street this week but instead of her being getting praised her acting skills have been under close criticism.

Both Helen and her co-actress Brooke Vincent have hit back the at critics after Helen was branded the ‘worst actress ever’.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday Helen said:

‘No matter how rich, cool, educated, or talented you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.’

Then Brooke shared a photo on Instagram of the words ‘Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle’.

We have to say we like Rosie Webster being back on the cobbles but what do you think??

Kelly Brook Hints That She Wants New Doctor Role In Doctor Who

At the start of this week Peter Capaldi annouced that he will step down a s the doctor in Doctor Who at the end of the year but now it looks like a replacement may have been found.

SOurces have been saying that the new doctor might be a woman this time and Kelly Brook has said on Lorraine this morning that she would like to be the new doctor.

Talking on her new fashion segment on Lorraine on Friday morning the beauty said:

‘Well, I’m an out of work actress! So feel free to call my agent!’

‘I love Peter Capaldi, I have worked with him, but he’s not there any more…’

What do you think?

We actually think that she will be good as the doctor because she will bring the sex appeal to the show.

Ricky Whittle Fears For His Career After Sex Tape Leaked!

Former Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle is seriously worried at the moment as a sex tape could harm his Hollywood career.

The tape features him having sex with an unnamed woman as sources have said that the video was filmed in private so it being leaked has came as a surprise for the actor.

A source has said to The Sun:

‘It was a consensual act which was filmed in private, so to discover it has leaked on to the web has really taken him by surprise.

He’s done what he can do to try to have it pulled down. But there’s no telling how many people may have saved it or shared it.

The source continued:

‘It’s very concerning — and people are only just discovering how widespread this practice is becoming.’

We will keep you posted on this story.

James Arthur To Have All His Tattoos Removed To Start Hollywood Acting Career

James Arthur To Have All His Tattoos Removed To Start Hollywood Acting Career

He’s covered in tattoo’s but it seem’s for James Arthur it might be a thing of the past as he has decided to have them removed so he can start his Hollywood acting career.

Jame who made his return to music a couple of months ago want’s to be a hollywood actor so much he is having every single piece of ink removed from his body.

James has both of his arms sleeve, tattoo’s on his hands and across his chest so removing all them is going to be a massive job.

Talking to the Daily Star the singer admitted:

“I’ve already had nine sessions,’ the popstar revealed.

“They take a while and cost a lot of money but it will be worth it.

He continued:

“I really want to do acting and don’t want to be typecast because of my tattoos.”

It’s going to cost so much and be very painful for him to have them removed.