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Ruth Langsford Left Shocked After Woman’s Boyfriend Had Sex With Her Sister And She Had Him BACK!

Ruth Langsford has been left shocked after a woman calls into This Morning telling them that she has had her boyfriend back after she found out that he had been cheating on her for five weeks with her SISTER.

Ruth and Eamonn Holmes seemed extremely shocked that one he had been sleeping with her sister and two that she had him back and is now playing happy families.

When Ruth asked Abigail why she had him back she replied with that she ‘loved him’ and had ‘never loved someone like him before’.

Ruth asked if she was back speaking to her sister and Abigail said:


“i am still speaking to my sister we are on talking terms”

Holmes then asked if her family members knew what was going on and she replied:

“My mum was disgusted at the time but she respects both of our decisions because we are her daughter.”

Eamon then said that he too busy loving someone else to love her and she should dump him.

We have to say we think we agree with him.

Katie Price Talks About The “Worst Two Months Of Her Life” On This Morning

She’s had a whirlwind of few months just lately but now Katie Price has opened up on This Morning about exactly what has happened.

Talking on Friday morning to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Katie talked about the Chris Hughes drama, finding out that her husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her and Getting a black mail email asking for £50,000 otherwise they where going to hurt her disabled son Harvey Price.

Katie confessed on the ITV show

“In the last six weeks i’ve lost a baby, found out Kieran had been cheating on me, found out that my mum’s dying and the £50,000 cash rep on Harvey otherwise they where going to smash his face in”

Then talking about Kieran cheating:

” At the moment he hasnt left the house, i don’t think people will be happy until they see a lorry going down the dive. He has mental issues, ive told him the marriage is on the rocks and he needs to sort things out.”

“i dont know how i feel normal, i’ve even started praying”

Then talking about her children and how they have taken the news about Kieran:

“The children know everything, i live to live in a happy home i like to keep the house happy.”

Then Katie was asked about the drama going on with Chris Hughes and she replied:

Out of all the things this is the most stupid of things, i’ve been in the industry for 23 years it’s obvious that Chris Hughes is immature when it comes to the media one thing you don’t slag off a national newspaper they will have you up and down just like that. and what have i just shown you i’m not lying”

Ruth then replied and admitted Katie showed her the flirty text messages as Ruth said:

“You showed us a lot of texts from Chris Hughes on your phone”

Eamonn then piped up and said:

“Can i just say as a man i just saw lots of text’s i didnt see inappropriate texts”

She then continued to say:

“i dont even care he’s so pathetic, i dont care about Chris just don’t call me a liar because i’m not a liar.

Katie Price To Become This Morning’s Agony Aunt

This Morning have annouced that Katie Price is going to be their agony aunt for one show only.

Katie will be on the show on Friday as she opens up about how her husband Kieran Hayler has cheated on her for the second time and she’s going to be taking calls from viewers and trying to help them with going through a breakup or living with a disabled child.

The news was broken on the This Morning Facebook page as they shared:

“On Friday’s show KATIE PRICE will become our guest agony aunt for one day only!

Despite having been cheated on by partners, had three broken-down marriages and been betrayed by her best friends, Katie stays strong and carries on whilst raising her children and meeting the complex needs of her son Harvey.

Katie will be drawing on her life experiences to answer your calls. Are you struggling to deal with a relationship break-up? Have you discovered your partner is cheating? Or maybe you, like Katie have a child with a disability and need help or advice on how to cope?”

We shall be watching Katie and listen closely to her advice.

Make sure you check back to NicoleWilliamsGossip.co.uk for the fall out from her appearance on the show tomorrow.

Katie Price’s Friends Think She Is ‘Endangering After Having MORE Plastic Surgery

Katie Price's Friends Think She Is 'Endangering After Having MORE Plastic Surgery

Katie Price is no stranger to going under the knife but now it’s looking like her friends are getting really worried about the amount she has had done.

Her friend have said according to sources that they fear she is ‘endangering her health’ with going under the knife so many times in such a little time.

It now seems that Katie is struggling with her confidence since she found out that her husband Kieran Hayler had been having another affair.

According to sources her friend said:

“Katie is struggling with her confidence after being so publicly slated by Chris. On top of that things with Kieran are still rocky and once again she thinks a quick nip and tuck will solve all of her problems,” the source told the magazine.

“But Kate has been warned that, because of complications with there last two boob jobs, another will leave her at risk of serious infection and complications,” the source added.

“Kate knows it will be dangerous. But right now it’s surgery or therapy and the former is a quick fix,” the source said.

Over the years Katie has had so much trouble with her plastic surgery as do you remember when she was in Celebrity Big Brother when she had to hold her breast up all the time because it leaked the whole time she was in the house?

Love Island’s Dom Lever Finds Out About Jessica Shears Having Sex With Mike WATCH HERE

Love Island's Dom Lever Finds Out About Jessica Shears Having Sex With Mike WATCH HERE

This really didn’t go down well.

On tonight’s Love Island Dom Lever is going to find out that his former coupled up partner Jessica Shears has been sleeping with Mike after they left the villa earlier this week.

Ir all started when Marcel was allowed to have a Skype call to his family back home and he decided to ask his father and brother if Jess was ok and that’s when he found out the shocked news that she had been sleeping with Mike just hours after a broken-hearted Dom was crying his eyes out because Jess had been kicked off the island and then just hours later she wa shaving sex with Mike.

Dom aparently stormed out of the villa in a rage and we will have to see tonight if he returns or not.

At the end of the day we and see why he has gotten in such a rage because it must have been a massive shock because a shock you may have heard him day he wasn’t going to ask Jess to be his girlfriend.

Poor Dom.

Danny Dyer And Sarah Harding Had Secret Affair While Filming Together

Well this was unexpected.

Danny Dyer and Sarah Harding have aledagdly had a secret affair while filming together for six weeks.

The pair where filming the 2012 flick Run for Your Wife together when they where sleeping together for six weeks.

A source has said to The Sun:

: ‘For a while they were head over heels and had a wild ­sexual relationship. He fell in lust with her.’

The insider, and friend of Sarah, continued to say:

‘She was flattered by him and soon they had become an item.

She’s really not the kind of girl to get involved with someone with a partner. Things would never have gone so far.’

Aparently Danny told Sarah that he was single and living with his father in London.