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Olivia Buckland Accused Of Being Homophobic After THIS Instagram Post

Olivia Buckland is being accused of being homophobic after she commented on a photo of her boyfriend Alex Bowen standing topless with his friend Brad Skelly and said ‘Homos’.

Her Instagram followers where not happy with her at all when they saw the comment on the photo sharing site as one person called her commnet ‘ignorant.’

Buckland’s spokesperson has spoken out and said:

‘Olivia would like to apologise for any offence she has caused.

‘She is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and is saddened that she may have upset anyone.

‘She totally understands the language used isn’t acceptable and has removed her comment.

‘It was a comment said in jest to her fiancé and has now been removed, any suggestion Olivia is homophobic is ridiculous.’


Love Island’s Alex Bowen Reviels Massive Tattoo Of Girlfriend Olivia Buckland

Wow now that’s commitment.

Alex Bowen gas flashed a great big tatttoo on his leg of his fiancée Olivia Bucklsnds face.

Alex shared the photo of the tattto to his Instagram account and fans just couldn’t believe there’re eyes as he did a massive no no in the Tattoo world.

Have a look at the Tattoo above.

Olivia Buckland Treats Boyfriend Alex Bown To £10,000 Rolex For His Birthday

It seems like Alex Bowen has been received a massive treat for his birthday from his fiance Olivia Buckland.

The former Love Island contestant treated Alex to a whopping £10,000 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date watch.

Both Alex and Olivia shared pictures of the time piece on their social networking sites as Alex seems like he was the cat who got the cream showing it off.

Along with the photo Alex share he admitted that he loved the watch so much he’s never going to take it off.

She sure does know how t treat her man.

Olivia Buckland Forced To Deny She’s Pregnant After This Morning Appearance

Olivia Buckland has been forced to deny that she is pregnant after her appearance on This Morning on Tuesday morning.

Olivia was on the show to talk about the going on’s in the Love Island villa and then after her appearance she shared a photo for her on the set of This Morning but it was her tummy what got people talking.

Followers commented on the photo asking if she is expecting a baby but seeing all the comments Olvia hit back and said that her “rounder belly” is due to eating alot of food and she is “bloated”.

Olivia who’s engaged to Alex Bowen replied back to the comments and said:

“OK guys, so obviously a lot of people are thinking I look pregnant in this, a few of you asking if I wanna mention anything, so yes, I am going to have to talk about the fact that I ATE SO GOD DAMN MUCH LAST NIGHT. Man I am bloated to the heavens. I had scallops to start, then a lobster linguine AND steak and chips for main, THEN I had a desert of chocolate cake THEN half a bottle of wine. Congratulations to me ❤😂😩”

If her tummy looks pregnant then we are the Queen.

Former Love Island Star Olivia Buckland Shames Man’s Penis While Waiting For Train

Olivia Buckland has decided to shame a stranger while waiting for the tran as she took a picture of a mans penis what you could see though his jogging bottoms and posted it to her Snapchat account.

The former Love Islander shared the photo on Tuesday when it was Valentine’s day as she said along with the snap:

“I mean I know it’s valentines but put some pants on man.”

What is she really doing?

She would hate it if some girl did that to her boyfriend Alex Bowen would she??

Love Island Olivia Buckland Gets Slammed After Fans Accuse Her Of ‘Editing’ Her Latest Instagram Snap

Olivia Buckland Shows Off Her Toned Body In New Selfie As She Has Valentines Day Away With Fiance Alex Bowe

Not to long ago we told you about the photo what Olivia Buckland shared on Instagram of her and fiancee Alex Bowen standing near a pool as they enjoyed Valentine’s day.

In the photo the Love Island star was posing in her bikini and now she has been accused by her followers that she has edited the photo.

One person commented on the photo and said:

‘Couldnt be more photoshopped! We saw her tubby chubby figure yesterday and she’s suddenly lost a couple of stones overnight? Idiots.’

Another said:

‘Has she lost weight over night?’

Has she edited the photo that’s the question?