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Jeff Brazier Left Embarrassed After Alexander Armstrong Reveals He Has A Big Willy

Jeff Brazier has been left shocked during a interview on This Morning when Alexander Armstrong told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that Jeff has a big willy and he has ‘willy envy’.

Jeff was appearing via video link where it was being filmed live from Sheffield where they were rehearsing for the Full Monty what was going to be filmed live.

Philip asked Alexandra if he was jealous of any of the other men’s private parts when he replied back:

“Jeff Brazier wins that one hands down so we already hold our hands up to that one.”

Phillip then said back:

 “Nobody wants to stand next to Jeff Brazier” and Alexander agreed as he started laughing.

So funny.

James Argent Gets Praised By Full Monty Viewers After He Stripps Off Naked After Overcoming Body Confidence Issues

James Argent has been praised online after he stripped off completely naked on The Real Full Monty Live.

James admitted through the training process for the show that he was worried about his size and don’t want to show his naked body but after weeks of rehearsals the TOWIE star found the confidence to strip off.

James was on stage with Alexander Armstrong, Jeff Brazier, John Hartson to name a few and viewers have praised him.

One person wrote:

‘@RealJamesArgent should be so proud of himself! To watch him from the start to the finish and the confidence he got was amazing! You did it Arg! you should be so happy.’

While another shared:

‘My levels of respect for @RealJamesArgent have just doubled… what a guy! Respect,’

He did amazing and yes he should be so proud of himself.

Brave Alexander Armstrong Has Testicular Cancer Test Live On This Morning

Brave Alexander Armstrong Has Testicular Cancer Test Live On This Morning

Alexander Armstrong has been praised by the This Morning viewers as he underwent a testicular cancer test live on ITV.

The comedian agreed for Dr Chris Steele to undertake the examination to encourage men to have the same test if they think there is something wrong.

Alexander said to the viewers:

‘It takes 20 seconds and it’s so easy,’  ‘You can do it yourself! Caught early – it’s very curable.’

After just a 15 second examination Armstrong just couldnt believe how quick it was over with.

He did so well to have that test in front of millions.

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