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Holly Willoughby To Watch Royal Wedding In Her Wedding Dress

Holly Willoughby is going to be getting out her wedding dress this weekend to watch thr Royal Wedding she has confessed on Friday.

The mum of three said that she is going to be wearing the wedding while sitting in her wedding dress before she celebrates her sister’s 40th birthday.

While talking to Alison Hammond at This Morning Live on Friday the presenter said that the wedding dress needs a good steaming before she would be wearing it again as it’s not been worn since she married her TV producer husband Dan Baldwin.

Holly said:

‘It’s my sister’s 40th on the same day so I’ve got a big party for her birthday anyway, all day, and then obviously the royal wedding, so extra excitement.‘And then this week on the old family Whatsapp group that we all have, my sister Kelly said, ”I’ve got an amazing idea – for anyone that’s been married go and get your wedding dress and wear it to the party.”

Holly then continued to say:

‘I dug it out – I took it into This Morning to the big steamer as I haven’t got one of those. It is filthy! I haven’t had it dried cleaned. It’s a bit ripped. I will look a bit like Miss Havisham.’

Well when you have a stunning dress like what Holly got married in there is no wonder that she would want to wear it again.

This Morning Thrown Into Chaos After Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby Get Trapped On River Thames

This Morning has been thrown into chaos on Thursday morning after Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby where left trapped on the River Themes.

Phillip and Holly opened the show on HMS Belfast and then when they needed to get back to the studio they got into a small speedboat btu it ran out of fuel getting back leaving them stranded in the middle of the river.

Alison Hammond was forced to to take over presenting the show in the studio while the producers got them back but thankfully they got back in one piece.

The pair managed to get back into the studio when Alison was presenting and soon took over but they had the finishing the rest of the show.



Corrie Star Simon Gregson Gets ‘Attacked By A Ghost’ In Celebrity Haunted Mansion

So scary!

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson has been ‘attacked’ by a ghost while filming Celebrity Haunted Mansion.

The actor who plays Steve McDonald on the soap is currently entering  a haunted mansion with Jorgie Porter, Alison Hammond and Jack Osbourne.

In a clip from an upcoming episode the grouple are left terrified after Jack started to tell the rest of the group what has been going on in the haunted mansion.

Jorgie then starts to freak out causing Simon to shout out:

“Did someone just hit me then?” “Something had my arm, and went like that on my arm…maybe something fell off the ceiling.”

So scary.

Alison Hammond Leaves Ruth Langsford In Hysterics After She Brands Herself ‘Fat’ During This Morning Fitness Item

So funny!

Alison Hammond has left her co-presenter of This Morning Ruth Langsford laughing her head off after she branded herself ‘fat’ live on This Morning during a fitness item on the show.

ALison who was standing in for a poorly Eamonn Holmes had the viewers and Ruth in stitches as Ruth announced what was coming up on the rest of the show and she said that there was a fitness lesions item coming up.

Hammon then said to Ruth as each topic seemed to be about weight:

‘why did I come on this show’

To be fair to Alison most of the items where about fitness and weight as they had a Nurse who admits she had to give her job up because she was ‘too overweight’ to work the job and segment about exercising five times a week to keep as fit as possible.


Alison did great on today’s show.

Alison Hammond Forced To Step In For Poorly Eamonn Holmes On This Morning

Friday means one thing Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford presenting This Morning but on Friday’s edition of the show Eamonn was forced to stay at home after he has been struck down with a sore throat and can’t say a word.

That mean Ruth couldn’t be presenting the show by herself so Alison Hammond stood in and covered for Eamonn.

Alison admitted that she was about to take her son to school when she got a text from her manager at ITV asking for her to host the show.

Ruth opened the show by herself as she told he viewers:

“They’re dropping like flies in my house.

“Jack was off all week with the lergy, and this morning Eamonn woke up with no voice. He was literally having to write notes.”

Then Alison walked out onto the set and sat down next to Ruth and said on Friday’s show:

“I woke up, was getting my son ready for school, was going to go to the gym as you do and then I get a message from boss saying: ‘Al, can you do the show?’

“And I thought about ignoring it and then I thought about Ruth on her own and I couldn’t.”

Prince Harry Ignores Alison Hammond During This Morning interview

So awkward!

Alison Hammond was ignored by Prince Harry when she tried to interview him for This Morning.

Alison was in Nottingham on Friday where the Prince and his new fiance Meghan Markle where taking part in their first public engagement as a engaged couple when Alison tried to interview first Prince Harry and then Meghan afterwards.

The Price looked at Alison and compeltyl ignored her but then she had better luck with Meghan who after Alison wished her congratulations on the engamen tshe replied back:

‘Thank you so much.’

It was so awkward.