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Love Island’s Kem Cetinay Treats Girlfriend Amber Davies With Gold Rolex During Trip To Dubai

Their love seems to get stronger and stronger.

Last week Amber Davis turned 21 and what a way to celebrate your birthday to a trip to Dubai and the present from her boyfriend Kem Cetinay was even better.

Kem treated Amber to a gold Rolex watch what she shared a photo on her Instagram page.

Amber also received a beautiful floral bouquet and an elephant soft toy as she seems happy to receive the gifts.

The pair posed for a photo and both shared it to their Instagram pages.

Jemma Lucy Hits Out At Amber Davis After She Was Refused Entry To Her Party!

Jemma Lucy Hits Out At Amber Davis After She Was Refused Entry To Her Party!

Jemma Lucy is not one to keep quiet but now she has shared her feelings on social media.

Let’s give you and update.

Jemma was contacted by Amber’s team after the Love Island winner was having clothing range launch and her team invited Jemma to the party.

Jemma went out and bought a new outfit and did a two hour journey on the train from Manchester to London. When Jemma arrived at the venue she was refused entry by the security team.

On Wednesday night Jemma hit out of social media after Kem shared a video online saying that the whole situation got taken out of hand.

In a series of video Jemma said:

 “You should have just let me f***ing in.”

Jemma then said that the security said to her when she walked up to the bouncers:

 “I’m sorry Jemma you ain’t coming in because Amber and her PR team have told us not to let you in.”

Kem has gave his response back as he decided to upload a video saying:

“I was doing a few interviews and was just being with Amber and I heard she was at the door trying to get in but to be fair, I didn’t really know who she was.

“I said I’d go in and inquire and find out but I didn’t really know what was happening.”

Jemma then continued:

“In Kem’s video he quite clearly states that he thinks a big deal was made out of nothing but if you were me and you had travelled all that way and spent all that money for no reason, bearing in mind I don’t live in London, it’s not around the corner, would you not be pretty p***ed off, is that not a big deal?”

“Is Amber too busy doing interviews? You have got a celebrity party in there, I hate calling myself a celebrity but f*** it, you’ve got a celebrity guest outside who you invited who can’t get in, is that not something you should be dealing with?

She then fumed:

“The whole thing was dealt with so badly, I felt so disrespected, it’s so rude and I’m still to this day not had an explanation or an apology off anybody and don’t tell me something’s been made bigger than it is, it’s not me that’s made it bigger than it is it’s the press, you should have just let me f***ing in.

“Once I saw that video from Kem I just had to say something because it’s so rude and belittling and if you really are nothing to do with this situation, why are you saying anything? Keep it to yourself.”

Jemma also shared screen shots from the email her team received asking her to the party.

Kem Cetinay Confesses That Girlfriend Amber Davis CHECKS His Phone

Kem Cetinay Confesses That Girlfriend Amber Davis CHECKS His Phone

They struck up a relationship in the Love Island Villa but it seems that Amber Davis has trust issues as he confessed on Loose Women that she often checks his phone.

Kem said that while he is in the shower Amber goes on his phone and when asked by the Loose Women if he is ok with this he said that he ‘has nothing to hide’.

Kem said that all girls often check their boyfriends phone and the look on the Loose Women’s faces was priceless.

What do you think? Do you check your partners phone?

Love Island’s Kem And Amber Win The Show

They have been on and off since the beginning but tonight Kem and Amber have been named the winners of Love Island 2017.

The pair where voted winners by the public with Camilla and Jamie coming in second and Chris and Olivia third.

Both Kem and Amber seems really shocked to be crowned the winners and so do the viewing public as some people have said that they are ‘Disapoined’ that they have taken the winning title.

More news to come…

Love Island Bosses Cut Kem And Ambers Sex Scenes As They Have Has It 12 TIMES In A Few Days

Love Island Bosses Cut Kem And Ambers Sex Scenes As They Have Has It 12 TIMES In A Few Days

In the Love Island villa there isnt much to do so having sex is on the top of most of the couples minds.

Now the producers of the show have stopped airing Kem and Ambers sexy time as they have been having so much sex (12 times to be exact).

The bosses have stopped showing the sex scenes because they dont watch the views to get fed up with watching them at it and switch over the channel.

Wow they sure have been busy now wonder they both have such nice bodys is’a all that toning up while under the sheets.

Love Islands Chris And Olivia Take Their Relationship To Next Level By Having Sex

After all the drama they went to though they have proved to be one of the strongest couples in the Love Island villa but on Monday nights episode Chris and Olivia took their relationship to the next level by having sex for the first time.

The pair whreenfilmed and shown on tv getting steamy between the sheets after they have been away from one and their for 72 hours in diffrent villas.

Oliva and Chris where not the only -duplex to be having sex at the same time and Kem and Amber where on the sofa and Montana and New Boy Alex where in the hideaway after their romantic date together.

Them poor beds/sofas are going to need a good clean after that night of naughty activitys.

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