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Massive Row Kicks Off On Loose Women As Jane Moore Calls Kaye Adam’s ‘Stupid’ Over Obese Kids!

It all kicked off on Loose Women on Friday afternoon as Jane Moore kicked off at fellow Loose Women panelist Kaye Adams forcing host Andrea McLean to step in and split them up.

It was during a conversation about obese kids when Jane called Kaye ‘stupid’ over her comments.

Throughout the whole show there was a frosty tension between all the women and it seem to be awkward viewing.

Kaye started off by saying:

“I don’t think it’s helpful to blame parents, as a parent myself I do find it difficult.

“We are surrounded with unhealthy options, rubbish food is cheaper.

Jane then said back:

“I get all that, but a four-year-old severely obese, you’re taking away people’s responsibility.

“If you have an obese four-year-old it’s because you as a parent have fed them rubbish.

“You can’t say it’s not my fault, I don’t understand about junk food.”

Kaye then hit back with:

“That’s so unfair Jane, we have fetished food, a lot of people don’t live in beautiful kitchens, they work shifts.”

The pair gave little digs at one and other thought the programme and it didn’t go unnoticed by the viewing public.

Viewers took to social media after it all kicked off as one person said:

And another:

More news to come.

Andrea McLean Admits Guest Nearly Stopped Her Wedding To Nick Feeney

Andrea McLean Admits Guest Nearly Stopped Her Wedding To Nick Feeney

She got married last week but now Andrea McLean has confessed that it nearly didn’t happen after someone jokingly ‘objected’ during their vowels.

Andrea who returned to Loose Women on Thursday afternoon after a week off decided to speak about her wedding as she said:

‘The vows nearly never happened because when it got to that bit “does anyone here know any reason?” [Nicky] went “Well, actually”.

‘We laughed and the lady went “Stop the wedding!” The whole thing ground to a halt!’

She then continued to say:

‘[The officiator] said “this is a legal binding ceremony and you have just said that there is a reason why these two should not”.

‘And [Nicky] was going, “No, no, no I was only joking!”

She went on to say:

“I don’t care if you were only joking. This whole thing could be cancelled right now”.

‘We all sort of stopped and looked at each other and she said “but I’ll let you carry on. Carry on”.

‘It was one of those things that the bigger the disaster you survive, the funnier it is later. Now it’s hilarious!’


Loose Women Andrea Mclean Nearly Pops Out Of Wedding Dress In New Snap

Loose Women Andrea Mclean Nearly Pops Out Of Wedding Dress In New Snap

Andrea Mclean nearly gave her wedding guests an eyeful on Thursday after she bent down to look at her cake and her boobs nearly fell out of her beautiful dress.

The Loose Women presenter looked fantastic as she married her partner of four years Nick but the dress was a little low as you can see in the photo above.

On the ITV show on Friday they showed a clip of her wedding as Nadia Swalah said about the big day:

“Andrea tied the knot with Nick at a very intimate and beautiful wedding – it was so gorgeous.”

She looked like a fairy-tale princess, they were all dancing, the family was there – she looked like a filmstar,”

Stacey then said:

“The smile did not come off her face the entire night, it was like it had been pulled by string.”

Nadia then said:

“Her breasts looked good!”

To what Linda Robson joked:

“She nearly popped out!”

So funny she does look fantastic.

Andrea Mclean Looks Sensational On Her Wedding Day As She Marries Fiance Nick Feeney

Andrea Mclean Looks Sensational On Her Wedding Day As She Marries Fiance Nick Feeney

Today was a big day for Loose Women presenter Andrea Mclean as she married her partner of four years Nick Feeney.

Andrea looked amazing as she donned her white wedding dress on her big day.

The official Loose WOmen page shared the photo above on Instagram along with the caption of:

Huge congratulations @Andrea McLean and @LordFeeney on your wedding day today.”

They both looked great.

Loose Women Andrea Mclean Admits Her Broken Heart Is Mended On Her Wedding Day

Today Loose Women presenter Andrea Mclean married her partner of four years Nick Feeney when she decided to take to her Instagram account to share an emotional message.

Taking to her Instagram account the presenter shared:

“I’m so happy that from today Nick and I will be walking through life hand in hand, side by side.

“I didn’t dare hope that I would find love again when all seemed lost, and the world felt dark and sad…

“But four years ago today I reluctantly went on a blind date and the man who would change my life forever kissed my cheek and whispered ‘I’m so nervous’ in my ear.”

She continued:

“In four years we have talked, listened, laughed and learned to love again.

“My broken heart is not only fixed, it is filled to bursting. I have learned that love in middle age comes with so much more… the past isn’t left behind, it travels with you, and teaches you what you don’t want as much as what you do. I dared to dream, and today my dreams are coming true. I love you…”

Such a lovely message.

Sacey Solomon Proudly Shows Off Her Sweat Marks Under Arms On Loose Women

Stacey Solomon is not ashamed of her under arm sweat and so she should be.

It was during Friday’s episode of Loose Women when they returned from the add break and show presenter Andrea Mclean said to stacey about something was causing a stir online.’

She then allowed Stacey to take over and to show off her under arm sweat and she just couldnt give a dam.

Stacey told the other Loose ladies that she is “only human” and how she was not embarrassed at all.

She said:

 “Yes, I sweat, and there’s not much I can do about it.

“This colour isn’t very forgiving.”

“I’m a normal human being who perspires.

Good for her.