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Katie Price Gets Slammed For Wearing A 100 Per Cent Raccoon Fur Coat


Katie Price has been slammed by her Instagram followers after she wars a raccoon fur jacket.

The former model posed for a snap wearing the £395 coat and a fur hat causing up raw because the fur was real.

Along with the snap above Katie said:

“On my way to watch kieran have his jumping lesson all cosy in my @popskilondonclothing coat and hat.”

Fans looked up the coat and hat on that Instagram page and it read that it was real animal fur as one person commented on her photo:

“I actually have always championed you but now I have totally gone off you!

“You look at animals all around you everyday and your page is full of them and then you go out wearing them on your back like it’s so normal!

“Those raccoons were farmed and killed for that trim that you really don’t need in your life! You’ve lost a fan.”

Other followers said that they where following the star on Instagram.

It’s horrible using real fur.

I’m A Celebrity Get Accused Of Animal Cruelty As Scarlett Moffatt Eats LIVE Beetle

I'm A Celebrity Get Accused Of Animal Cruelty As  Scarlett Moffatt Eats LIVE Beetle

Tonight viewers to I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here have been left outraged after during a eating trial Scarlett Moffatt was forced to eat a live beadle for stars to win food.

Scarlett had to rip the head off with her teeth as the animal was still live and eat the rest of the body in order to win one star.

Watching the moment one person took to Twitter to say:

“Why is it okay to eat live animals on #ImACeleb ? Pretty sure if it was anything larger than a beetle there would be national outrage!”

While another said:

“A live beetle?? Animal rights activists aren’t going to be happy with that #ImACeleb.”

Another said:

“This is truly disgusting! Biting the head off a beetle! Isn’t that what Heather Mills did?!? #ImACeleb.”

We have to say it’s not nice eating the animal live.

Not even Zoo’s are allowed to do this so why should they be allowed on national TV.

Iggy Azalea & French Montana Are Still In A Relationship

Iggy Azalea & French Montana Are Still In A Relationship

It seem’s despite the reports Iggy Azalea and boyfriend French Montana are still going strong.

It was on Thursday when Iggy came under fire after she shared a number of videos on Instagram of her and her boyfriend meeting a large elephant but fans where not happy that the large animal had jewlery around it’s ankles.

Seeing the videos and photo’s published online fans and animal activists decided to hit back at the pair as one of them said:

“You are disgusting. If you loved animals more then people you’d show it by not allowing this. Absolutely disgusting.”

Another said:

“Shame on you@frenchmontana!! This kind of behaviour is cruel and NOT showing the love for animals that you claim to have. PLEASE educate yourself and never, ever use wild animals again!”


“This is disgusting. Do you know how much torture that elephant had to go through for your own entertainment??”


“Really? How ignorant of you, posting a photo of a beautiful animal with chains on its feet and dressing it up for what????#unfollowingyou”

 This clearly upset a lot of people.

Seeing all the backlash Iggy’s boyfriend decided to tweet:

Shut yo ass up that elephant was a surprise for my bday in my yard when I walked out and was from the zoo and people that take care of it

Lindsay Lohan’s Former Drug Friend Is Under Investigation After He Apparently Tried To Catch Two Dogs On FIRE!

Lindsay Lohan's Former Drug Friend Is Under Investigation After He Apparently Tried To Catch Two Dogs On FIRE!

He use to be good friend with Lindsay Lohan and has admitted to a string of drug addiction but now Vikram Chatwal, is under investigation for setting fire to two dogs.


Witnesses have said that they saw the disgusting incident going went down on Friday afternoon when dog walker Isabell Suquilanda walked past Chatwal with the two dogs.

Apparently he started shouting out in a foreign language before using a lighter and a aerosol can to blow the animals up.

PageSIx have been reporting saying that Vikram started saying that the dog’s had fleas as he shouted:

“They must die!”

Roxanne Robles on eyewitness told The Post:

“I was walking down the street, and I saw this guy crouching and aggressively circling this woman and the dogs screaming at them, with a lighter and aerosol can spraying fire on the dogs. I was screaming my head off, `What the f*ck are you doing?!’ I interrupted it. It was like a fire- breathing dragon, shooting out flames 2 to 3 feet long. This isn’t OK. You can’t walk the streets lighting dogs on fire and think your life can go on as usual.”

A man has now said that he was speaking to Vikram and he was actually ‘murdering’ the poor animals as he said:

“The guy was muttering, he was telling me he was on anti-depressants. He said he has ticks and fleas in his apartment and he blames the dogs.”

So awful.

Sadly some of the moment has been caught on camera by a passer by but this can now be used in court.

In the video the animals look fine but you can see that they have burn marks on their fur.

Surely if they had fleas and he was going to kill them just for that reason he could get them treated and not take their lives.

Such a nasty man.

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