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BBC Journalist Mobbed By Lemurs During Live New Report From Zoo

So funny.

During a live broadcast from Banham Zoo a BBC newsreader got more than he bargained for when he was jumped on by a group of lemurs.

Alex Dunlop was at the zoo in Norfolk when all the primates started to jump on him and even have a nibble of his finger too.

The video has been shared on Twitter and Alex really did struggle with  the aggressive primates while he filmed BBC Look East.

At one point during

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Longleat’s Nico The Silver Back Gorilla Has Passed Away

Nico the silver back Gorilla has passed away at Longleat safari Park.

Nico who was the oldest silverback gorillas in the world passed away on Sunday 7TH January in the home where he lived since he arrived at the park in 1980s.

Nico was always known for being being a little grumpy and prefered his own company while he spent his days watching Sky TV.

Longleat have said on Monday evening:

Everyone here has been truly saddened

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Simon Cowell Angers Animals Rights Campaigners Over Monkey Beach Photos

Simon Cowell Has Angered online followers after photos have appeared online of him posing with a monkey on a beach!

The X Factor judge has been hit out by animal rights activists over the photo as they have said that they just couldn’t believe seeing the snap.

Simon is on the beach with his son Eric when he is holding the little monkey while away on his yearly trip to a Caribbean island.

Seeing the photos one angry person said on Facebook:


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Woman mauld By Tiger In Zoo Horrific Images Captured

A zookeeper has been mauled by a Siberian tiger she cared for.

Visitors and other zoo staff threw objects at the tiger to try and get it away from the defenceless women and thankfully it worked as the keeper working for Kaliningrad Zoo in Russia was badly mauled but was rushed to hospital is expected to survive.

So scary.

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Brian Blessed Shocks Phillip Schofield As He Revealed Size Of Gorilla Penis

The things you hear on Morning TV.

Philip Schofield has been left shocked after Brian Blessed talked about the size of a gorillas  penis live on This Morning. Brian was appearing on the show to talk about love animals when he started to talk about gorillas.

Brian confessed that the world is loved him when he started to talk about how females gorillas use to like him and grab his inner thigh looking for food.

He then talked about little lipsticks

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Horse POO’S All Over This Morning Studio Causing Holly Willoughby To Go Into Fits Of Giggles

Horse POO'S All Over This Morning Studio Causing Holly Willoughby To Go Into Fits Of Giggles

Holly Willoughby has been left in fits of giggles as they had had a small pony live on the show and it decided to poo all over the studio floor.

Holly just couldn’t contain her laughter as the pony used as a guide pony for the blonde opened it’s bowls all over the floor.

More news to come…….

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