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Ferne McCann Talks About Why Her Friendship With Sam Faiers Came To An End After 15 Years!

Sam Faiers Admits She Decided To End Friendship With Ferne McCann Over Her Relationship relationship with Ex Arthur Collins After Acid Attack

They were friends for 15 years but now Ferne McCann has been talking about why her and Sam Faiers ended their friendship.

Ahead of her reality show come back this Sunday McCann has said to the Mail Online that she was the one who ended their friendship due to having rival shows.

Sam has The Mummy Diaries and has done for the last three years and just at the end of last year Ferne landed her own show but this is not the only reason why they no longer talk.

With the father of Ferne’s baby Arthur Collins being in prison for throwing acid over a packed nightclub Sam stopped talking to Ferne after she found out that she was allegedly going to see her boyfriend in prison.

Ferne told the Mail Online:

‘I was hearing that she warned me off Arthur. That is completely untrue and you’re hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Sam Faiers never met Arthur. After the incident, she was at my birthday and I don’t know. There’s absolutely no truth in that.

She then continued to say:

‘The reason as far as I’m concerned is that she fell out with me is because I decided to take this show. We had like 15 years of friendship, my first baby is one week apart from her baby and it can still be lovely and all I’ll say is it’s a terrible shame.’

Then Ferne admitted that she is going to Sam sister Billie Faiers hen do what is being held in Ibiza and Sam will be there as she continued to say:

‘We’re all going to Ibiza for Billie’s hen do… I haven’t done anything wrong (to Sam) to worry about being there. To make this clear. Sam fell out with me. I haven’t done anything wrong but take the show and of course I was going to take it.’

Lets hope that they sort things out before the hen do.

Billie Faiers Fiance Greg Sheppard Hits Out At Ferne McCann After She Supports Rival Reality Show

They use to be the best of friends but then when all the drama went on with Arthur Collins being arrested for an acid attack what he carried out in a packed nightclub they stopped talking.

Now Billie Faiers and Ferne McCann are back on talking terms but her boyfriend Greg Sheppard has hit out at Ferne after she decided to support rival reality show The Charlotte Show where they were both on at the same time.

On Wednesday Fearn twitter:

Buzzing for #TheCharlotteShow Second ep on @MTVUK starting in one hour  @Charlottegshore

To what Greg replied back and said:

“Wow!! #socalledbesties”

Seeing that Greg wasnt happy McCann tweeted back to his tweet:

I tweeted for @Charlottegshore show because she asked me to. Simple. There was no malice, no calculated move. That’s it. @BillieFaiers & @Gregshepherd_ you know I love you both & will always support you. This just all seems so silly


Ferne McCann’s Acid Attacker Ex Arthur Collins Poses With Phone, Designer Goods And Alchol Inside Prison

Ferne McCann Misses Out On TV Deal After Former Boyfriend Arthur Collins Linked To Acid Attack In London Nightclub

He’s meant to be doing a 20 year sentence in HMP Belmarsh prison in south east London but it seems Arthur Collins is living the life of luxury.

It’s been reported that Arthur has been posing with bottles of alcohol and designer goods all taken on a phone what he has had smuggled into the prison.

The former boyfriend of Ferne McCann was arrested after he threw acid over a packed nightclub in London last year.

Sophie Hall who suffered burns to her face and arms in the attack has said to the Sun on Sunday:

‘They make me feel sick.

‘How can someone who has done something so evil have alcohol and mobile phones in prison? It infuriates me.’


Sam Faiers Admits She Decided To End Friendship With Ferne McCann Over Her Relationship relationship with Ex Arthur Collins After Acid Attack

Sam Faiers Admits She Decided To End Friendship With Ferne McCann Over Her Relationship relationship with Ex Arthur Collins After Acid Attack

They were the best of friends but when when Ferne McCann got into a relationship with Arthur Collins is all went downhill from there and when she stood by Arthur after he commented a acid attack in a packed nightclub the friendship was over.

Sam Faiers has been opening up about why she decided to end her friendship with Ferne after she stood by her boyfriend after he hurt 16 people by throwing acid over the nightclub.

Rumors that the pair no longer spoke started in December last year and now sources have confirmed that they haven’t spoken to one and other for ages now.

A source has said to the Mailonline:

‘There is no feud between Sam and Ferne, they are simply not friends.

‘Sam decided to end their friendship when Ferne decided to maintain her relationship with Arthur following his sentence for the heinous acid attack. Reports stating otherwise is attempt at damage control by Ferne’s PR team.’

So sad becuase they really where the best of friends.

Ferne McCann Hits Out At Reprots She Went To Visit Ex Boyfriend Arthur Collins In Prison

On Thursday we told you that Ferne McCann had been to visit her ex boyfriend Arthur Collins on numerous occasions and also took her baby to see her father too.

Now Ferne has hit out at the reports and said that she has only been to see Arthur once only.

In a statement published online McCann said:

“In response to today’s false press story about me. I am posting this so it cannot be misquoted & sets the record straight.

“There’s a constant slew of false stories written about me. The story today says that I have been visiting Sunday’s father in prison.

Ferne McCann Has ‘Secretly’ Been Visiting Ex Boyfriend And Acid Attacker Arthur Collins!


It’s been reported that Ferne McCann has been ‘secretly’ going to see her ex boyfriend Arthur Collins in prison!

Ferne ended the relationship with Arthur after she found out that he had been responsible for throwing acid over a packed nightclub injuring 16 people.

It’s also been said that Ferne has taken their baby Sunday to go and visit her father in prison too.

It was said in November that Ferne told Arthur that it was the last time she would ever bring baby Sunday to go and see her father but it seems it had been confirmed by the barrister had actually said Sunday had been taken to prison by Collins’ mother and sister.

Barrister Rebecca Randall has said:

“The only reason Mr Collins had that phone was to contact, privately, his girlfriend and friends and family.

“His girlfriend at the time was heavily pregnant with his first child.”

“That child is now two months old and occasionally visits him with his (Collins) mother and his sister.”